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Taking a Break from Cannabis: THC Tolerance Break 101

There may come a time when you find yourself in need of a THC detox. Whether it’s due to a forthcoming drug test for a job opportunity or a personal decision to embark on a tolerance break (T-break), effectively resetting your system is crucial. With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis in many regions, it is important to understand how to consume it responsibly and maintain a healthy relationship with the plant. One effective strategy for achieving this is by incorporating THC tolerance breaks into your cannabis routine. 


In this blog, we will explore what T-breaks are, why they are beneficial, and how to efficiently flush THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) out of your body and prepare for a fresh start.


What is a Tolerance Break?


A tolerance break, also known as a “T-break,” refers to a deliberate period of abstinence from cannabis consumption. The purpose of a tolerance break is to reset the body’s response to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Extended and frequent cannabis use can lead to the development of tolerance, where the body becomes less responsive to the effects of THC. Taking a break allows the body to restore its sensitivity to THC, resulting in a more enjoyable and efficient experience upon resuming cannabis use.


3 Benefits of Tolerance Breaks


  1. Enhanced Sensitivity: Regular cannabis consumption can lead to a diminished response to THC, requiring higher doses to achieve the desired effects. By taking a tolerance break, you give your body a chance to reset its cannabinoid receptors, leading to increased sensitivity. This means you’ll be able to experience the effects of cannabis more profoundly with smaller amounts, potentially saving money in the long run.


  1. Avoiding Plateaus: Over time, frequent cannabis use can reach a point where the effects plateau, resulting in a diminished experience. By incorporating tolerance breaks into your routine, you can prevent or break through these plateaus, ensuring that each cannabis session remains enjoyable and effective.


  1. Cognitive Clarity: While cannabis can provide many benefits, it may also affect cognitive function, particularly short-term memory and concentration. Taking a break allows you to regain mental clarity and focus, which can be particularly beneficial for those who require enhanced cognitive abilities for work, studies, or other activities.


How to Successfully Implement a Tolerance Break


  • Abstain from Cannabis: The first step in a successful THC detox is to abstain from cannabis consumption entirely. This includes avoiding smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, or any other form of cannabis ingestion. The duration of your detox will depend on various factors, such as your usage patterns and metabolism, but typically ranges from a few days to several weeks. Choose a realistic timeframe that suits your needs and lifestyle.


  • Hydrate and Exercise: Staying well-hydrated is essential during a THC detox. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from your body and supports overall detoxification. Additionally, engaging in regular physical exercise, such as cardiovascular activities or sweating through saunas, can assist in the elimination of THC stored in fat cells.


  • Communicate with Others: Inform your friends, cannabis-using buddies, or anyone you typically consume cannabis with about your decision to take a tolerance break. This will help prevent any social pressure and ensure their support during this period.


  • Seek Alternatives: Find alternative activities or hobbies to engage in during your break. This can help distract you from cannabis-related thoughts and cravings. Consider pursuing physical exercise, creative endeavors, spending time in nature, or engaging in social activities that do not revolve around cannabis.


  • Follow a Nutritious Diet: Opting for a nutrient-rich diet is beneficial during a THC detox. Focus on consuming foods that support liver function, as the liver plays a vital role in metabolizing and eliminating toxins from your body. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and foods high in antioxidants into your meals.


  • Manage “Withdrawal” Symptoms: Some individuals may experience mild “withdrawal” symptoms during a tolerance break, including irritability, sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, and mood swings. These symptoms are temporary and typically subside within a few days. Engage in stress-reducing activities like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or yoga to support your overall well-being and optimize the detoxification process.


  • Reflect and Reintroduce: Use this break as an opportunity for self-reflection. Evaluate your relationship with cannabis and how it fits into your life. Once your tolerance break is over, gradually reintroduce cannabis back into your routine. Start with lower doses to gauge your sensitivity and adjust consumption accordingly.




Embarking on a T-break or THC detox is a proactive step towards achieving your desired goals, whether it’s passing a drug test or resetting your tolerance to cannabis. By abstaining from cannabis, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, following a nutritious diet, and managing stress, you can effectively flush THC out of your system. Remember, responsible cannabis consumption involves finding the balance that works best for you and respecting your body’s needs.

If you are in need of support while on your journey, the Care Team at Realm of Caring is here to help! Send an email to, call at 719-347-5400 or chat at


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Addy was born with a significant brain malformation, causing seizures which are very difficult to control. When she was 5 months old, her seizures began and her epileptologist prescribed high doses of 3 different traditional antiepileptic medications.  During that time she was basically tranquilized, slept 22 out of 24 hours each day, suffered significant developmental regression, and stopped interacting with the world around her, including her loved ones.

Addy’s family carried her lifeless body around for months and were provided with palliative care counseling for families with a terminally ill child.

Addy’s family moved to Colorado from Maine on Mother’s Day 2014 to try safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Within five minutes of Addy’s first dose of CBD oil, she smiled.  Her parents knew without a doubt this treatment option would make a positive difference in her life. Over the next year, Addy was able to lower the dosage of pharmaceuticals and stop one medication altogether.

Today she laughs and smiles, hugs her family, eats food by mouth instead of a G-tube, and she feeds herself! She communicates with an augmentative device and now attends preschool.

Addy is 5 and her older brother Colin is 9  

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Ezra’s story is an incredible one, to say the least. This little boy has been through more than most adults will ever imagine in a lifetime. Ezra suffers from a variety of different conditions starting with seizures from a rare disorder called Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS).  He also has dystonia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, chronically dislocated hips, osteopenia, bilateral amblyopia, scoliosis, possible metabolic disorder, gastroparesis, GERD, and multiple food allergies.

His seizure disorder began just a few days after birth and the subsequent conditions are the result of a variety of reactions over time. Ezra has undergone many surgeries including a feeding tube placement when he was only 2 years old.  During that time samples were taken from his liver, thigh muscle, and skin to test for a mitochondrial disorder.

Over the years, Ezra has been on more than 40 different prescription drugs ranging from seizure medications to heavy duty pain medications such as fentanyl patches, morphine, ketamine, muscle relaxers, and the list goes on.

For such a young, fragile body how could any of these pharmaceuticals be a healthy option?  His organs were failing from all of the harsh and toxic chemicals. His family knew it was time for a change.

Like many families in this Raise the Realm project, Ezra’s family moved to Colorado Springs in July 2013 from Boiling Springs, South Carolina to get safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Ezra’s mom says, “It was a no-brainer to try a natural healing route to allow his body to learn to function and thrive as God intended.”

Since 2013, Ezra has definitely been thriving from cannabis therapies!  He uses cannabis oil made with a combination of high THC and low CBD and this has given him a 90% reduction in seizures. Wait, there is more because Ezra’s list of benefits continues to grow each day. Cannabis also keeps his chronic pain manageable, is improving his bone density, healing his gut and minimizing his reflux, improving his vision, and reducing his muscle spasms by 98%.

This medicine is providing amazing mental clarity allowing Ezra to express himself with the use of an eye gaze communication device. He continues to learn several concepts which correlate to those of his peers. He has been able to develop a system of communication with his family members when a communication device is not available. Eye contact, smiling, and nonverbal communication are things that were not possible before cannabis therapy. When we asked Ezra’s mom, Marisa, does she have anything to add? “Cannabis is lifesaving medicine!” she exclaims.

Ezra uses a combination of THC and CBD oil, cannabis leaf juice, rosin, rescue vaping or nasal spray, and homemade topicals. It took a couple of years to find the perfect concoction, but Ezra is doing better than ever. He continues to grow and develop and his body is healing after the use of the pharmaceuticals. At one point he was in hospice care, and now he exudes radiant health!

Ezra is age 6, his older brother Noah age 9, Odin is 2 and baby girl Selah age 7 months.

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Raise the Realm Day 10: Addy- Brain Malformation

Before Cannabis: Addelyn was born with a significant brain malformation that causes her to have seizures that are very difficult to control. When Addy’s seizures started at 5 months of age, we fought them with an army of traditional antiepileptic medications legally prescribed by her epileptologist. It was then we learned the dangers of these medications. Overly medicated, Addelyn basically stopped living. She slept 22 out of 24 hours each day, suffered significant developmental regression, and stopped interacting with the world around her, including her loved ones. We carried her body through life with us for months and were provided with palliative care counseling for families with a terminally ill child.

After Cannabis:
Within five minutes of Addelyn’s first dose of a high-CBD oil, she smiled. At that point, there was no doubt that this treatment option would make a positive difference in her life. Over the next year, we slowly added more cannabis to her treatment regimen and reduced the standard pharmaceutical drugs that were holding her hostage. Slowly, we got more Addy back and maintained reasonable seizure control. Addy is not “all better”, but is SO much better than she was. Today, she smiles, laughs, hugs her brother, and is even eating by mouth once again- all skills robbed from her by the traditional prescription medications she was prescribed. Her development continues to amaze us. Last week, Addy said, “Momma” for the first time and she is learning to use an augmentative communication device. She even attends preschool with her typical peers. Our family is SO thankful to have found a safe and effective therapy that has given Addy a quality of life that is worth living again.

For the latest visit Addy on Facebook



Raise the Realm Day 9: Mary- Pain

Hi! This is Mary, and Its been almost two years since I participated in Evolve the storytelling project presented by Realm of Caring Foundation, and I wanted to update everyone on how well I’m still doing almost two years later! For starters I’ll be celebrating my 59th birthday in a couple of months, and I’m holding steady! Better then steady actually! I’m sure most of my doctors thought all my canna meds (CW, THCA & THC) was going to be a placebo effect. Still they couldn’t deny the decrease in pain, increased mental clarity, and my 58 pound weight loss since I started taking my canna meds in May of 2014. The biggest benefit for me was getting off all my prescriptions except for 2 1/2…thyroid, hormone and blood pressure being the half. I did have a setback when my doctor agreed to ween me off my Zoloft after 23 years of use because I was having breakthrough anxiety. That Was A Big Mistake to do that right after Thanksgiving and before the December holidays and to date the hardest thing I ever put myself through. What helped me through that rough spot was upping my canna meds and changing to 200mgs SAMe, (Zoloft replacement) meditation, therapy, a wonderful husband, friends and the RoC community! Keep the faith, and when they (the doctors, the specialist, the government) tell you there is nothing they can do but pump you full of pharmaceuticals call Realm of Caring! The caring of their patients, clients, the quality of the products they recommend, and the fact that they will have your back every step of the way! I say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Here’s to a better quality-of-life!!!!!



Raise the Realm Day 8: Luke- Autism

Our little boy who we call Baby Luke, is 4.5 years old, and the apple of our eye. He was born what we believed to be a happy handsome little boy and as parents do we loved him unconditionally.

After a few months we noticed that there were issues in Baby Luke’s development, so we brought him to the doctors. Approximately 2 years later, baby Luke was diagnosed with Profound Non-Verbal Autism, massive sight issues and a vestibular condition. We were heartbroken as we knew too well what this meant in Ireland and the hardships both Luke (and us as his parents) would have to face to get schooling, OT, speech, and language etc.

Shortly after Luke’s diagnosis, we noticed a massive shift in Luke’s behavior, not eating, not sleeping, hurting himself and others, we could see his sensory issues explode in front of us driven by the severe anxiety of his surroundings.

We, at this point, have been surviving on 3 hours of sleep a night, at our complete wits end- the continual crying, the no sleep, the violent outbursts, the self-harming- our little boy was not there anymore; he had changed, he was lost in his own mind, his own condition trapping him to this behaviour.

So, we reached out to doctors, the prescriptions kept coming but nothing worked! So at the last point, we tried Charlottes Web Advanced Solution, starting at 0.2ml twice a day and adjusting the dosage along the way. In the first night, Baby Luke slept 9.5 hours! He was 24 hours away from being admitted to a hospital by our GP for refusing to eat in over 5 weeks and what did our boy do? He started to eat ! Yogurt, apples, bananas, fries, pasta, we couldn’t believe it. We cried and cried, as parents angry at ourselves for not trying this sooner, but then tears of joy that our boy would not require a feeding tube.

The results were and still are so amazing that we had to share our story with everyone who would listen. ASD parents have to see with the own eyes to believe what it does.

We started an awareness campaign called Life Being Blue on Facebook. I would recommend any parents in Europe that are on the fence to look at the daily videos look at what it has done for our son and family! Our little boy had gone from skin and bones and riddled with social and neurological disorders, to a child that is trying to communicate trying, to learn and nearly singing! Seeing is believing and Baby Luke’s Videos are there for everyone to see!

There is nothing to loose and much to gain!

Please share our page! Education on this is key people who live with severe ASD need to realize that CW is a possible solution to regain a standard of life. And this is key it’s about potentially gaining a standard of life.

Daddy Luke, Mommy Donna and Baby Luke



Raise the Realm Day 6: Leigh- Cancer

My name is Leigh. My first personal experience with cancer was in 1995 when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and given 6 months to live. Her name was Charlotte and she was a visionary. She lived for 6 years instead of 6 months and when I was first diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 1 breast cancer I remembered her words…”I wish I had never done that chemo or the radiation.”

I chose to have bilateral mastectomies after determining I was BRCA positive. I declined the pharmaceutical drugs that were offered to me and went on my own path to healing. That path has included exercise, healthy eating and juicing, keeping stress low, being grateful…my recipe changes along with the seasons.
In April of 2016, I began taking Charlotte’s Web for swelling in my right hand from overwork, not knowing the cancer was back. In late June, with the swelling completely gone in my hand, I scheduled a surgery to remove scar/fat tissue from the site of the previous cancer and it ended up being malignant. I upped the Charlotte’s Web to therapeutic doses along with high-dose THC in August and completed 60 grams of The Stanley Brothers’ THC Concentrate in 60 days after moving to Colorado in November. I have just gotten a clear PET scan. I am so grateful that the laws are changing and the research is finally beginning on cannabis. I know had the researchers been allowed to explore the medicinal benefits of this “weed” there would be more wellness on the planet….and my mother could still be alive. I am certain that CBD/THC are main components to my wellness and I am so grateful for the access I have to these medicines.



Raise the Realm Day 4: Melody- Rare Disease

As a parent of a child, receiving a “life-limiting” diagnosis is devastating. After months of hundreds of infantile spasms per day, we knew we had to try something different, something doctors were not initially on board with, especially with Melody being only nine months old. The two front-line medications did not stop her spasms, so we took a leap of faith and followed our gut instincts, bought a bottle of Charlotte’s Web CBD extract and, with the help from the Realm of Caring we figured out her dose based on her weight. She was not one of the “miracle stories” where the seizures stopped after the first dose, but we were prepared to give CBD a real chance to work, so we agreed to try it for three full months. She continued to have seizures, but after three weeks of Charlottes Web, we saw noticeable improvements in her cognitive development. She started sitting up on her own and was babbling again, a few skills she had lost after the seizures started. After seven weeks on Charlotte’s Web, her infantile spasms stopped altogether and since that date, she has continued to improve in all areas, much to the surprise of her doctors. A little girl with Aicardi Syndrome who we were told would never crawl, walk, or talk is now dancing, taking long walks outside, running, and has learned about 40 words. We decided to wean Melody off of Sabril and her last dose was September 2016; so she is now only taking Charlotte’s Web and she is beating the odds, one milestone and one word at a time.

We are over the moon watching our Aircardi princess love her life. Melody gives kisses and hugs and smiles and sings, and we know in our hearts she would not be doing these things without Charlotte’s Web. Her story gives hope and has encouraged other families to try CBD oil and has helped change lives of other children struggling with seizures. We could not be more proud of our girl and her resilience and we look forward to her future, something doctors warned us may not be possible. Charlotte’s Web continues to be the best decision we ever made for our sweet Melly and we remain forever grateful to the Stanley Brothers and everyone at the Realm of Caring and CW hemp.



Raise the Realm Day 2: Brandon- Brain Injury

I always thought of myself as an athlete. After playing hockey for several years I joined the high school wrestling team. Wrestling is where I belonged. I went off to MSU where I learned to work hard and become the person I am today. I received a NCAA Division II All-American honors in my senior year.

2008 was the start to my MMA career.

I’ve always worked hard, but taking care of myself before, during and after each training session wasn’t always a priority, until recent years. I quickly realized my body no longer healed the same as it did when I was in high school. Recovery is important to me and taking care of myself quickly became my priority! I started taking vitamins and eating healthier but those changes still couldn’t prevent pain or help ease it. My daily routine consisted of protein shake full of vitamins for breakfast followed by a handful of more vitamins like zinc, turmeric, b-12’s, C, Fish Oils, wobenzym etc. and for pain, I don’t even want to get started.

Fast forward 8 years, 20 professional MMA fights, 2 ACL surgeries, dislocated ribs, broken hand, multiple broken fingers and thumbs, & broken arm, I was ready for some relief any relief. When I’m in pain I get moody and I become antisocial and withdrawn. I am not the best version of myself in pain. CBD has done for me what I thought only quitting could do. I started taking CBD 3 months ago and it’s results are better than I could ever expect it to be. Battling anxiety and muscle fatigue and inflammation, I also struggled with insomnia and as an athlete no sleep means no recovery. I was always in pain or injured, CBD has given me another chance. Protecting my body and brain from further damage and taking something like CBD that treats pain, is anti inflammatory, anxiety and insomnia was a no brained . Now it’s part of what I do! My goal is to become a champion, in order to achieve that my body has to be in top condition.


Raise the Realm Day 5: Charlotte- Epilepsy

At just three months old, little Charlotte Figi experienced her first seizure, an experience that would send her and her family on a path that would eventually change the world. Charlotte’s parents were out of options and searching for solutions. Thankfully they discovered medical cannabis. After careful research and contacts, the Figis met the Stanley Brothers. They were able to provide a high CBD extract into Charlotte’s diet, and the results were remarkable.

After the CNN WEED special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta aired in August of 2013, the family featured received an outpouring of support and questions, especially how others could obtain access as well. Enter Stanley Brothers Social Enterprises and CW Hemp.

Today, Charlotte is an outgoing little girl who is thriving and enjoying life, like every other child her age. She recently completed her first full year of school and is now in the third grade. A young fashionista in the making, Charlotte has displayed an affinity for fabulous foot fashion, looking forward to her birthday shoe-shopping trip as much for the new shoes as the chance to ride up and down the escalators. “She is a girl through and through,” says Paige. A self-proclaimed modern artist, Charlotte wakes up each day and heads straight to her paint set. Her masterpieces are influenced by her favorite color orange, and the outdoor serenity that her home in Colorado provides.