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US Government hears your comments about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis) #TakeAction

Photo Credits : Freedom Leaf Magazine You’ve probably heard that the US Government is taking public comments – yes, your comments – about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis) through October 31st, 2018. It’s currently scheduled at level 1 with no known medical benefits. Do you think it should be rescheduled or de-scheduled and removed from the list […]

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Exploring Major Cannabinoids

Exploring Major Cannabinoids WHAT: RoC Education Series for Cannabinoid Therapy: Exploring Major Cannabinoids Register for the education here: (Note: you will have to sign in to your client account to register for the class, or create a new one).  WHY: To inform new and existing clients about cannabinoid therapies and exploring what the major cannabinoids are […]

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I am no longer depressed or suicidal

Written by Laura  I joined the Navy in 1994. Seven years before retirement I fell down a flight of stairs and severely injured my spine and neck. I didn’t receive proper treatment until the pain was so bad I was removed from sea commands permanently and placed on medical board for removal from service. After […]

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#HopeMatters Meet Paula and Jordan

Episode 1 of 7 [youtube] Tune in tomorrow to hear the rest of Paula and Jordan’s story. Donate Now! In 2013 Paula and Jordan made a decision that would forever change their lives. Leaving their family and friends in Ohio and moving to Colorado was something they never imagined. All in hopes of a […]

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Let’s Talk About Epidiolex

Today was a big day in the world of cannabis. The first ever plant-based pharmaceutical drug made from cannabis rich in cannabidiol (CBD), Epidiolex, was scheduled by the DEA. You’d think it would be scheduled as a II or III because “marijuana” is schedule I (no medical value with high potential for abuse/federally illegal). Not […]

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#RaisetheRealm 4 Days Left to $70K

[youtube] Zaki has a very rare form of epilepsy called Doose syndrome. On top of many, many seizures, he has autism and his development has been delayed. He had 6 different types of seizures resulting in hundreds of thousands of seizures in his short life. Zaki was receiving hospice palliative care prior to cannabinoid […]

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#RaisetheRealm 7 Days Left To $70K

The Selmeski family moved to Colorado in November of 2013 from East Tennessee so their young daughter with intractable epilepsy, Maggie, could legally try cannabinoid therapy. Back in 2013, many families moved to Colorado in search of legal cannabis. [youtube] Donate Now! The Selmeski family moved to Colorado in November of 2013 from East […]

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