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Less aches and pains

The cannabinoid therapy has helped me a great deal. Although I have not been able to determine my therapeutic dosage because I cannot afford to take more at this point. However, taking it consistently I have noticed a difference as far as the aches and pains I used to feel. Adele’s story

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He is a bit more focused

Ruben’s most recent EEG exam has shown much improvement. We will continue to proceed with a longer EEG exam to get the most accurate results. Also, it seems to help his ADHD. He’s a bit more focused.  This has been such a blessing. At the moment I am unemployed to be a full-time caregiver to […]

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Chloe is now seizure free

Story provided by Chloe’s family Chloe has been taking cannabinoid therapy for three years and after an EEG to measure seizures, we were told Chloe is now seizure free! To put the icing on the cake, her neurologist admitted to us that she truly believes it was all the oil! She said she has never seen […]

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She is calling me Mom regularly when she has never called me Mom before

Provided by Jennifer’s mom My 27-year-old daughter, Jennifer, has been taking CBD since July and she’s learning to talk. She’s playing with toys and is intact with her world. She follows directions. She can point with her finger. She is calling me Mom regularly when she has never called me Mom before. I’ve waited a […]

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The last MRI shows a 25% reduction in tumor size

Provided by RoC Care Specialist on behalf of an anonymous client Yesterday, a nice lady from Pueblo called to talk about her next order of CBD oil. During the conversation, she shared with me that she has been on CBD for 6 months and she is taking it because she has a brain tumor. The […]

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I was sleep deprived for 6.5 years of his illness, my level of sleep now is intoxicating

Written by mom Linda THIS IS THE BEST PART!!! NO, NONE, NADA… ahhhhh I could fill this whole block with just this and sit back in my chair and stare at it for days…truly. Isaac is doing MARVELOUS. NO SEIZURES SINCE OIL!!!!! Can I write it in the sky, or carve it in a pie?? […]

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He isn’t walking around like a zombie

Written by Taylor’s family Taylor’s health has improved drastically since starting the cannabinoid therapy. He went from being on 8 medications, including psych medications, to just one medication and the CBD oil. The only pharmaceutical medication he is on now is a weaning off dose of his seizure medication. He’s happy, healthy, mentally stable (more […]

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The first day taking the CBD I noticed I was not anxious

Written by Christine I had been in two rear end collisions and then hit in the head at work. I have herniated discs in my neck and now in my lower back. My pain was all about getting around it so I could support my family. Taking pills was just a part my life. Finally […]

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He is able to sleep through the night and allow mommy to be able to rest as well

Written by Ayren’s mom Ayren is now in the full phases of potty training, since he had kidney cancer it’s expected to be delays. He has learned to count to 20, is learning his colors, his ABC’s plus he is able to keep a short conversation, say his name, and now tell how old he […]

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She continues to amaze us everyday.

Written by mom Tammy Scotlyn had her 1st seizure at 4 months old in September 2016. After an EEG and MRI she was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on Keppra. She continued to have seizures which got progressively worse with every pharmaceutical added and was constantly in and out of the hospital. By 5 months […]

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