Hemp History

Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.

– Thomas Jefferson


The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill, excluded hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. By removing hemp from the statutory definition of marijuana, hemp products are now allowed to be transferred across state lines when purchased in a state where it was lawfully produced. The majority of CBD products that are available to purchase, are hemp-derived. This means that the CBD oil is produced from a hemp plant rather than a marijuana plant. The difference between the two will be discussed here, but first, what is hemp?


Hemp is of the Cannabis genus, specifically the Cannabis Sativa species. Its uses date back for over 10,000 years across many different cultures for purposes ranging from pottery making to medicinal and food sources. The reason why this Farm Bill was needed in the United States was because it did become looped in as a part of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, strictly regulating the cultivation, production and sales of all forms of cannabis. Although hemp has low quantities of THC, the industrial crop became criminalized along with marijuana. There are theories that state those in positions of power were trying to protect their own interests in the synthetic fiber and tree-made paper industry. It is believed by some that this eventually led to the hemp farm ban in 1970 along with the passing of the Controlled Substances Act to label hemp as a Schedule 1 drug. 


Currently, there are educational campaigns designed to raise awareness about the plant as it may benefit the environment, health, and provide agricultural potential and industrial significance. To do our part, we have here a list of the eight things to know about hemp. 


1. Hemp played a prominent role in United States history


Hemp arrived in Colonial America along with the Puritans. The seeds were stored with the intention of planting, and the ropes and sails of the Mayflower were made with hemp fiber. Once they arrived in America, the colonies were required by British law to grow hemp and it soon became a staple in the expanding economy. The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp on their farms. Hemp played an important role up until the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, where heavy taxes were imposed on farmers, physicians, and pharmacists for growing, prescribing, and selling cannabis products.  


During World War II there was a “Hemp for Victory” campaign due to a shortage of fibers necessary to make ropes, shoelaces, and parachute webbing. Although hemp was illegal in America at this time, a propaganda film was made to persuade farmers to grow hemp instead of maize for the war efforts. Hemp was once again prohibited with the end of the war.


2. Hemp seeds are a superfood


One might say that hemp seeds have the ability to offer total nutrition for the body. They contain high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and are a great source of protein in that they provide all nine essential amino acids. Hemp seeds also have an assortment of minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin B, and the well-researched antioxidant – vitamin E.  It also has something else that sets it apart from most superfoods we know of today. One of those omega-6 fatty acids hemp seeds contain is known as gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is also found in breast milk. This vast nutritional profile may benefit as a neuroprotectant, anti-inflammatory, and immune and heart health regulator.


Hemp seeds can also be made into a flour, oil, or milk. The many capabilities of the seed arguably gives it potential to address malnutrition and food shortages in the world. 


3. Hemp may improve the environment it is grown in


The hemp plant is able to consume four times as much CO2 as trees do from the environment, in the process known as carbon sequestration. The root has a lot to offer as well. The deep root allows the plant to reach nutrients left behind by previous plants as well as find deep water sources. This ability of the roots not only benefits the plant but the surrounding soil. It loosens the soil, therefore encouraging plant growth afterward, as well as holds the soil together to reduce erosion. 


The potential of hemp plants to remove toxins from the soil where it is being grown is being studied as well. In fact, hemp is being grown in the surrounding areas of Chernobyl to assist in removing caesium (a radio-nuclide left over from the devastating 1986 explosion) from the soil. This process is called phytoremediation, where plants may be used to decontaminate soil of high concentrations of contaminants, such as heavy metals, by the plants’ ability to accumulate them in their plant tissue. Although there are many plant species with this ability, hemp has an advantage due to its superior tolerance, root system, and biomass. 


4. Hemp could easily replace what trees produce


On average, the amount of paper produced by 2-4 acres of trees in a year can be accomplished in one acre of hemp. The paper manufactured from hemp pulp is able to be recycled several more times than paper manufactured from wood pulp, and the fiberboard that can be produced from hemp is reportedly stronger and lighter than wood. 


As documented in 2012, about 521 million acres are reserved in the United States for timber harvesting, which will primarily produce wood for lumber and construction materials. Harvesting takes place when the tree reaches a large enough diameter. This process can take, on average, 10-20 years depending on the tree species. In contrast, hemp plants for pulp and fiber are ready for harvest in 60-120 days. 


5. Growing hemp requires a lot less resources than growing cotton


The water footprint to produce one pound of cotton is approximately 1,320 gallons whereas the water footprint required to produce one pound of usable hemp fiber is about 255 gallons. Being that low to moderate amounts of water are needed to effectively grow hemp plants, it is able to be successfully grown in all 50 states and across many climates. 


Just as with trees, utilizing hemp plants may save on acreage as well. Case studies show that while about 1,190 pounds of cotton fiber can be produced per acre; 2,645 pounds of hemp fiber can be produced per acre. While cotton fabric may be softer (due to the fibers quickly and easily breaking down), hemp fabric tends to be stronger, longer lasting (due to the fibers taking longer to break down), and more insulating. 


6. Protein from hemp seeds is more nutritious than most protein sources


In our second point, we discussed hemp seeds as a great source of protein. However, there is more to add to this! Hemp seed protein can be used to produce: milk, butter, cheese, salad dressings, tofu, veggie burgers, ice cream, and more. Hemp flour can make pasta, bread, and other baked goods. 


While in comparison to other foods that are high in protein, it may seem that hemp seeds are not that superior at about 10 grams of protein per 3 tablespoons. However, what sets them apart is the lack of trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is a digestive enzyme, which breaks down proteins we ingest within the small intestine, making the amino acids and other nutrients available to the body. Trypsin inhibitors block this function. Meaning, if you are eating a high protein food that contains them, not all of that protein is being broken down and digested. The fact that hemp seeds do not contain these inhibitors, means that all of the protein taken in becomes available to the body. Soybeans and legumes are among the several protein-rich foods that contain trypsin inhibitors, although the amount is able to be reduced by means of heating. 


7. Hemp and marijuana are not the same


As mentioned earlier, hemp belongs to the Cannabis Sativa species only. Marijuana, on the other hand, can be of either the Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica species. The most basic of differences between the two is that hemp will contain less than 0.3% THC. Marijuana is typically grown to encourage the development of trichomes, which are glands on the flowers of the plant where THC is concentrated. These female plants are kept separate from the male plants to avoid fertilization, as fertilized cannabis flowers may produce lower THC. 


CBD can come from hemp or marijuana plants – regardless of the plant, the compound that is CBD remains the same in molecular structure. All hemp-derived CBD products are what will be available to purchase over the counter or be shipped state to state and to most countries. Marijuana-derived CBD will only be available to purchase in a state that supports recreational use or a medical cannabis program, as it will contain more than 0.3% THC.  


If what you are looking for is a federally legal product that contains low THC, high CBD, and is full-spectrum, in that it contains all of the natural cannabinoids of the plant, a hemp-derived CBD oil or tincture would be the way to go. 


8. Hemp is a versatile natural resource, with more to offer than almost any other


In addition to the capability of being a source of fiber for ropes, nutrition, paper, and a cotton replacement, hemp seed oil could be used to produce fuel, laundry detergent, natural wood finish, and much more. For example, hemp cellulose may be used to produce hemp durable and biodegradable plastic. In 1941 Henry Ford famously showcased a car made from soybean and hemp plastics, gloating that it was lighter than steel and could withstand ten times the impact. 


How is that possible; that hemp fibers are stronger than steel? It comes down to tensile strength and compression strength. Hemp fibers have greater tensile strength, meaning it may handle more tension before it is permanently deformed. For example: the weight endurance a rope can hold before it tears. The weakest hemp fiber needs more pressure to break than the weakest variation of steel. Hemp has the capacity to hold double the weight. Compression strength is how much damage an object can endure before it loses the capacity to mend itself. Hemp has six times the ability of steel to not bend with pressure.



For these very good reasons, we celebrate the wrongly criminalized hemp plant. It has the potential to play many important roles, thus education and awareness of its capabilities is paramount. If you have any questions about what was discussed here, or wish to find out more, refer to the Hemp Week educational campaign or contact a Realm of Caring Care Specialist at





Realm of Caring Foundation Celebrates 7 Years of Service


COLORADO SPRINGS – August 10, 2020
Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) turns 7 this month and has many accomplishments to celebrate! Co-founded in 2013 by mothers Heather Jackson and Paige Figi, the RoC is a seasoned, independent nonprofit that has longitude in the industries of hemp and cannabinoid therapy. RoC
leads innovative research and revolutionary education while supporting and building a global community. This consumer-driven nonprofit really does care, created by consumers to elevate the industry. In June, RoC published its first peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Cannabis and
Cannabinoid Research.

RoC’s programs and services remain free to consumers who need guidance on their cannabinoid journeys, and partnerships with like-minded companies make this possible. Aspen Green is the latest company to join the ranks and carry RoC’s Quality Seal of Approval, after passing strict quality control standards.

Realm of Caring’s Quality Seal of Approval is awarded to select companies and involves a stringent quality checklist administered by the Realm of Caring team to ensure all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) guidelines are met and

Aspen Green is one of just a handful of USDA Certified Organic Hemp & CBD brands, and all of its hemp is grown from the perfect topography and climate found in Colorado. It is a family owned business and is deeply committed to the science of providing only the purest hemp and CBD products for the best results and most beneficial experience. Its mission is to bring the therapeutic value of pure, organic hemp and CBD to people who seek supplemental relief through the use of healthy, natural products. Aspen Green is free from toxins and run up to eight different lab tests from bona fide third party labs throughout its product line. It holds in high regard 3 foundational principles that guide every aspect of their business, actions, and interactions with their customers, partners, and the community: QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and TRANSPARENCY. These will always remain at the heart of their efforts to bring their beneficial products to consumers. Check out why Purity Matters at

Realm of Caring Foundation, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to support families who are out of medical options. By creating educational resources, conducting research, and assisting families with data-rich answers to their questions, RoC continues to be a leader in the cannabinoid
field. RoC’s Care Team has served more than 100,000 clients and medical professionals worldwide. To learn more or to donate to this cause, visit or call 1-888-210-3772.


How CBD Helped Us with Stroke, Arthritis & Dementia

This content is from our friends at Stratos.

According to the CDC, approximately 54 million people in the U.S. have arthritis. The National Institute on Aging states that 5.7 million people in the U.S. live with dementia. And the CDC also calculates that 795,000 people per year experience a stroke.

These are all major medical issues, and while the importance of traditional medicine cannot be understated, there are also alternative ways to manage the ailments associated with each illness while supporting the traditional approach. Two women share details of how CBD (and even a little THC) has helped with tremors, pain, memory, and more.

Stratos has helped me with tremors from my hemorrhagic stroke and pain from osteoarthritis. I had a massive hemorrhagic stroke in August of 2016, then tried the Stratos CBD 12 mg in December of 2016 on the recommendation of my granddaughter who is a nurse. 

The relief from my tremors was almost instant and has helped me walk and do intensive PT without fear of falling from the tremors on my left side. As a side benefit, it has helped my pain from arthritis in my hands, which further helps me enjoy doing things like playing cards, and helps me continue to be independent by doing my own hair and putting makeup on. 

I do take the Stratos CBD 25 mg pills now as I was having to take two doses of the 12 mg when I was doing PT or going out with friends or family. I just had my 78th birthday and am enjoying life in spite of my limitations.

Four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with early-onset dementia. As is common with the disease, she has progressively gotten worse. On May 10th, 2019 after numerous falls, we took her to the doctor (P.A.). At this appointment, we had to use a wheelchair to get her into the examining room and cognitively she was slow and her speech was so bad she was pretty much incoherent. The P.A. informed me and my father that we were getting close to having to make a tough decision. 

In desperation, on May 15, when I was called out yet again because she had fallen, I started my mother on Stratos 15:1, which includes 5mg CBD and 0.33mg THC per tablet. On the afternoon (lunchtime) of May 15th my mother took her first pill of Stratos 15:1 and has since been taking one pill per day with lunch.

I will be honest with you that I really did not have any expectations that cannabis would help my mother. My goal was to make her more comfortable and hopefully, less depressed and angry. 

What has happened is a miracle and one that I want to share. Stratos not only helped to stabilize my mother, but it seems to be reversing the damage to her brain caused by dementia. I am keeping a detailed journal of her progress:

May 15 – Approximately two hours after the first dose, she is calm and seems happier. Sitting in the sunroom with my father. 

May 16 – Speech is more confident and loud. She corrected her own word-finding errors.  

May 17 – Talking is more clear and confident. No apparent word-finding issues. 

May 18 – Another good day, very clear speech, no lucid dreams or hallucinations upon waking. Again self-corrected her word-finding errors. 

May 19 – She informs me that something has changed, but she is not sure what. She says about two days ago she felt like she woke up and that she was an adult. She says she feels like herself again. No more shaking of her hands. Clear eyes, sitting upright, self-aware.

These are but a few examples of how she is doing. We are so amazed at her improvement it is scary. She has started recalling stories that she had forgotten and can now do activities such as embroidery that she could no longer do because she could not remember how to do it. She even looks younger and no longer has a vacant look in her eyes. 
I, myself, take Stratos 15:1 as prevention for dementia.


How Cannabis and CBD Helped Me Win My Battle with Addiction

This story was submitted from our friends at Stratos


My name is Marc Romera and I’m excited to share my testimony with hopes that it touches someone’s life and alters the direction of their future. My story includes prior drug use, the benefits of Stratos and the obstacles I faced along the way.


I was born in Tampa, Florida and was raised in Land O’Lakes like any other kid my age. I played sports, learned how to play instruments, and dealt with the constant pressure of always trying to “fit in” or be accepted. Around middle school I noticed I was different; rather, that be my artistic abilities, athletic talents, and gifts as a musician. The more people who noticed these qualities about me, the more I challenged myself to be the best I could be. This included not just being on the soccer team, but being the captain. Drawing in my room for hours upon hours, just to give the drawing away to someone as a gift. Playing music in the youth band at church, just so my friends would admire me. It eventually became an expectation to wear a certain brand of clothing, talk a certain way, and walk a particular walk so my family would accept me and more people would like me.


With the constant expectations I made for myself, came an anxiety disorder I began to face. I started to have overwhelming thoughts about how I looked, if people liked me and if my family actually loved me. I felt pressure to always be winning and if I lost I would beat myself up over it until I was severely depressed. I would train harder than any other athlete, but soon found myself trying to show off or one up everyone around me, whether that be in the classroom, at school, or at that keg stand at the Saturday night homecoming party.


It was this mindset that led me to a group of friends where doing drugs became a social status. It gave me popularity and a way to keep going, when the “going gets rough”. No longer did I have to worry about having energy for my morning practices. When it was time to relax and repair my muscles, I had something that could fix that In seconds. When I felt sad or had anxiety, there was always something I could do because I found out how to acquire prescription pills for any situation I faced.


No longer did I stress or care about the bullies I encountered. By numbing out on Xanax throughout the day, I became unfazed by people’s comments which no longer mattered. If I took enough Aderall before games, I would remain focused and typically win; keeping my loved ones happy long enough to not notice my substance abuse. Then when I needed to crash, I would consume muscle relaxers so my body would slow down. I added in alcohol on the weekends, followed by smoking marijuana and using painkillers to take away any fatigue.


Several friends died around me due to accidental overdoses or driving while intoxicated. I found myself in a downward spiral and soon called my parents for help and wanted to get sober. At this point in my life, I was using a lot of street drugs on top of prescribed medications and still drinking whenever there was a party. While trying to face severe withdrawal it became clear I needed to make a dramatic change, not only in my personal habits, but my circumstances. 


I decided to move out of Florida to get my life together. So, I moved in with a friend in Fort Collins, Colorado where I learned about the benefits of Medical Marijuana. It was in a search for CBD and a product to help with the withdrawal symptoms I was having, that I stumbled across Stratos. Stratos was the ideal product for me because it was pill shaped, and easy to replace a standard prescription pill with. It gave my mind an opportunity to see a cannabis replacement for the narcotics I was consuming. Soon I was taking Stratos “Energy” pills for my morning runs instead of my Adderall, which gave me the motivation to get up every day without the crash afterward. I would go about my day taking a “CBD 1:1” Stratos pill, which helped with social anxiety and seizures during my work hours. My evenings were the hardest because I was prone to consuming pain-killers or muscle relaxers to get through the night without waking up. Due to years of sports and injuries, I had built up a pretty severe evening habit;  however, I was able to overcome those addictions by taking Stratos “Sleep” tablets mixed with their High CBD, low THC product (15:1) which helped with my overwhelming fatigue. The interesting thing I have come to learn about Cannabis is that it plugs into entirely different receptors than the narcotics I was consuming. My mind thought this was a healthier “replacement”. My body then began to reset with the new regimen. 


6 years later, I am sober of all prescription medications and narcotics alike. I remain a healthy individual now, eating the right foods, exercising and still taking Stratos tablets as needed. I am now a father of two children, currently enrolled in barber school, and actively involved in my church’s youth ministry. My relationship with God has become central to my life again. 


I share my story in marijuana events all over Colorado and consider myself a “Canna-Vangelist”. I remain hopeful that one day Doctors will feel the freedom to recommend the best things they can, given the circumstances, and that includes cannabis. I’ve heard a lot of stories about how marijuana saved the lives of people who have struggled with addictions.  I believe them, but my story is slightly different because Stratos, specifically, saved mine. 


Realm of Caring has awarded Stratos products with the Seal of Approval, a distinction given only to a small select group of product manufacturers.




Understanding the Antioxidant Effects of Cannabinoids

Just as our bodies are naturally designed to produce endocannabinoids to bring about biological harmony, or homeostasis, within the body, our bodies are also naturally designed to eliminate toxins through detoxification. 


There may be instances where your body suffers from an endocannabinoid deficiency or you are seeking to provide your body with a wellness boost. This is where taking in plant cannabinoids, like Cannabidiol (CBD), may help. Just as you may be able to boost your Endocannabinoid System with these cannabinoids, you may also enhance your body’s natural detoxification system with the addition of plant antioxidants to your diet. 


Therefore, it would make sense that CBD and these nutritional foods working together, may provide you with a detox boost. 


Antioxidants for detoxification 


Antioxidants are compounds naturally occurring within the body to defend your cells from potentially harmful free radicals, which are atoms that may cause damage to cells, proteins, DNA, and trigger diseases. If free radicals overwhelm the body’s natural antioxidants to regulate them, what is known as oxidative stress may take place. 


Taking in antioxidants may assist your body in preventing or decreasing oxidative stress by safely interacting with the free radicals before molecules become damaged. Among others, some of the major, researched micronutrient antioxidants that can be taken in to supplement endogenous antioxidants are vitamin E, vitamin C, B-carotene, and Zinc. Studies show that these nutrients are most effective when consumed in their natural, plant form. For example, a vitamin C supplement may contain 500 mg per serving whereas a strawberry contains 80 mg, but that strawberry also contains plant chemicals known as proanthocyanins and flavonoids to help give it that, more effective, antioxidant boost. 


CBD as an antioxidant


Research has shown CBD and THC to be equally successful at blocking toxicity of a neurotransmitter released by nerve cells in the brain, known as glutamate. It’s effects were comparable to the industrial antioxidant known as BHT, suggesting their role as not only an antioxidant but a neuroprotectant. 


Additional studies have shown the therapeutic actions of CBD to reduce the force of oxidative stress in human disease models and improve kidney function as well as be a modulator of the immune system through anti-inflammatory properties. 


These therapeutic benefits of CBD, among several others, show the potential of taking CBD as a part of a daily regime or cooking with cannabinoids for added, overall wellness. If you are just starting out with cannabinoids, please remember that the quality of your product matters. Make sure you are using a product of quality that is safe. 


If you are looking for an antioxidant-rich recipe to assist your body with detoxification, we have a refreshing smoothie here for you to try! Use frozen fruits for an even more delightful summer treat.


CBD-Infused Detox Smoothie


1 cup fresh or frozen mangos (beta-carotene)

½ cup frozen spinach (beta-carotene)

½ cup fresh or frozen pineapple chunks (vitamin C)

1 banana (vitamin C)

Handful mixed cashews and almonds (zinc and vitamin E)

About 20mg of CBD oil (I used 1mL which was equivalent to 17mg of CBD in a “natural” flavor)

2 cups filtered water

Optional: 1 tbs of hulled hemp seeds for added protein and omega 3 fatty acids

Optional: Top with shaved coconut for added vitamins C and E

Blend until smooth and ENJOY!



RoC Partnered with Charlotte’s Web CBD to give away $1 million in products

Over the past month or so, we partnered with Charlotte’s Web over to give away free Charlotte’s Web™ products to the Realm of Caring community. 

The results have absolutely blown us away. Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Charlotte’s Web, we were able to give away $1 million worth of product to the members of our community who needed it most! Nothing makes us happier than being able to help others. We received wonderful feedback from members of the Realm of Caring community, who were all immensely grateful to Charlotte’s Web for their generous gift. 

“Thank you so very much for sharing this coupon code with us,” says RoC community member Kelly. “Our son experiences focal seizures that are as of yet uncontrolled.  He received a diagnosis of epilepsy at two years old, but we suspect he was having seizures from birth that were difficult to identify.  Numerous medicines have not stopped his seizures.  We have found that Charlotte’s Web CBD oil helps to reduce the frequency, duration, and magnitude of his seizures.  I’m sure we are not the only parents who feel conflicted about being thankful for this offer, while at the same time sharing in the grief over the loss of Charlotte Figi.  We are thankful for this gift.  Charlotte is remembered in our family, and I believe that her spirit lives on in, and watches over children like our son.”

“I just want to say thank you so much for sending me the CBD oil. It helps with my pain, inflammation and insomnia so much and I know that’s crucial for my healing . I am speechless. Your generosity is so very much appreciated! Paying out-of-pocket for my natural cancer cure has been a heavy burden on my husband and I. We spent over $6000 in the last six weeks. Dipping into our retirement funds at this stage in our life has been scary. Amazing to see how our life savings can dwindle so fast. But your act of kindness here brought me to tears as it is right now just writing this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do ️. I hope someday in the near future I can pay it forward.” – Carol

“My name is Kristie (though, I go by Kaalyn, if you’d rather use that — it’s how most people know me), and I’m a 32yo wheelchair user with a constellation of disabilities. One of those includes a mutation on the SCN9A gene, a sister gene to what caused Charlotte’s Dravet Syndrome. I have always felt so close to and protective of her, and it’s no surprise Charlotte’s Web was the only brand of CBD that could calm my myoclonic body and the progression of my seizures. I was hit very hard but Charlotte’s passing, but the added impact of the pandemic on my medical care, my overall health and my struggle in poverty couldn’t be understated. So, when I saw CW teaming up with RoC to gift CBD, I nearly cried at just the *possibility* of help. When I got the email saying an entire large bottle of their 50mg dose was granted to me, I legitimately cried. When it came to the door, I cried again — tears of relief, grieving and gratitude.”

“This has been an irreplaceable light in the midst of mourning and my declining health. I can’t say enough how indebted and grateful I am to you all. The loss of Charlotte has left a huge hole, but the countless lives she’s saved, and thus the sheer number of candles that get to be lit in her wake, is enough to make the entire globe glow. Thank you.” – Kaalyn

Dear ROC,

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the coupon you sent me for free product from Charlotte’s Web.  We purchase the 100 ml. original formula for our son, monthly and I have lost my job due to the virus.  Thank you so much for the free product.  It is wonderful to know we won’t have to pay out of pocket for his CBD this month. Thank you.”  – Ruth

“As an avid trail runner with a constant search for routes with maximal elevation gain, I started to notice minor aches in my ankles and lower back. 6 weeks into implementing Charlotte’s Web into my daily routine and these aches have subsided due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This was the reason I decided to give CBD a try and it has made a noticeable difference. My anxiety levels have also dropped a considerable amount. Although I have only been using Charlotte’s Web for 6 weeks, I see it remaining in my daily regimen for life. I saw the link for a free bottle of original from Realm of Caring and just received it. Thank you! Happy trails.” – Marcus

The generosity of our friends at Charlotte’s Web helped provide comfort and care to people across the nation, from all walks of life. From helping control seizures to relieving chronic joint pain to providing a natural alternative to other cancer treatments, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion and gratitude shared by members of our community. Everyone at Realm of Caring feels incredibly lucky to have played some part in getting these products to those who need them most.

We thank you all for your support, and look forward to a continued partnership with Charlotte’s Web. Together, we’re making a difference.


Mental Health Awareness

One of the most difficult things some of us may encounter is the realization that sometimes we need to ask for help. It is okay to not feel okay and to reach out for support, empathy, and answers. With that comes another realization: that the friends, family members, and other individuals who you may reach out to, may not be equipped to provide you with the necessary help you are in need of. 


May is Mental Health Awareness month. It was established in 1949 by Mental Health America, a group that was founded in 1909. This month serves the purpose of bringing awareness to the millions of Americans who are suffering. The aim is to combat stigma, educate, advocate, and support. To do our part, we want to bring forth resources that may help you or a loved one who may be enduring this agony. 


At Realm of Caring, we are not medical professionals nor clinically trained to advise one through their mental health illness. However, we care. We are here to help you find resources. We are also here to support if you are utilizing cannabinoid therapy to bring symptomatic relief, whether that relief is needed psychologically or physically. Those of us who suffer are well aware, mental health illnesses go far beyond affecting mood, physical symptoms may also be witnessed. 


Physical and psychological disorders can be cyclically linked, to mean that one may influence the other, repeatedly. This is where cannabinoid therapy may have some potential to provide relief. For example, the cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD) has the ability to modulate. From allowing your body to use the serotonin your brain creates more efficiently to reducing pain, a CBD-based product may be beneficial for you to supplement mental health recovery. 


Sometimes we need more help, though, in additional aspects of life beyond what cannabinoids and Care Specialists at Realm of Caring may provide. Talking to a professional who specializes in counseling, nutrition, or physical health is highly encouraged as so many instances can affect our mental well-being. We have listed below some resources that may be helpful in getting started on your mental health recovery journey. There are also research articles to hopefully help bring about an understanding of the various therapies and tools that may provide relief. If you have more information that has helped you, please share with us. We are always looking for ways to benefit our community. We are here for you. 





Research Articles




There is a lot to consider when starting cannabinoid therapy. A Realm of Caring care specialist is here to help with your questions. Contact us today by calling (719)347-5400 or by emailing



The Realm of Caring Foundation specifically invokes the first amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press without prejudice. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. the products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Realm of Caring always recommends when and wherever possible that licensed local healthcare professionals be consulted.


The Realm of Caring Foundation is an independent nonprofit with its own governing board. We do not produce or sell cannabinoid products, nor do we receive funds from the sale of other company’s products.


Cannabinoid Therapy for Pets

If you have ever used a cannabinoid therapy, such as CBD, for yourself, you may have also considered using it for your pet. If they have witnessed pain, stress, or discomfort, it is natural to search for a solution that may provide them with relief. As their caretakers, it is our responsibility to provide them with what they need in a way that is safe and effective. In some cases, cannabinoid therapy may be beneficial to them. 

The most popular form of cannabinoid therapy on the market is CBD tincture (oil). For dogs in particular, CBD has been researched to help with many conditions, including arthritis, anxiety, and seizure disorders. Due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapeutics of the CBD molecule, it may even enhance the recovery time and pain associated with sprains, fractures, and surgeries.

Just as with dogs, CBD may also ease the symptoms of ailments in cats, however, more research is needed to fully understand the benefit and absorption of the molecule that takes place. The fact that cats also have an endocannabinoid system, just as dogs and humans do, may suggest that plant cannabinoids, like CBD, may have therapeutic benefits.

The product you decide to purchase matters. You want to be sure it is a quality product you can trust and that it is consistent and sustainable. Once you have a CBD product for your pet, whether that be a tincture or a treat, it is critical to start with micro-dosing. This means that your pet could be starting off with mere drops of a tincture in a day.

Animals are more sensitive than humans in a number of ways. For example, dogs have been studied to show that the presence of cannabinoid receptors in the brain far exceeds those of humans. This explains why high levels of THC may be toxic for dogs, and further explains the importance of micro-dosing. The best analogy may be to relate THC to Theobromine – the toxic ingredient in chocolate for dogs and cats. Because they cannot metabolize this chemical in the way that humans can, they are more sensitive to the chemical effects as a heart stimulant, blood vessel dilator, and muscle relaxant. Theobromine is found in cocoa, therefore higher levels of cocoa in a product means it to be more toxic to pets. However, there are also low levels of Theobromine found in carob, which is a safe alternative and tolerable for both dogs and cats. 

When searching for products for your pet, you may find ones marketed specifically for dogs. These will likely be flavored to appease dog palates, of low concentration, and contain little to no THC. If the bottle is marked “full-spectrum”, that means all of the hundreds of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant are in the product, including THC, following the federal guidelines of equating to 0.3% or less. A bottle marked “broad spectrum” will contain all of the cannabinoids with the exception of THC. A CBD “isolate” will only consider the CBD cannabinoid. 

In short, when considering supplementing your pet’s diet with CBD; invest in a quality product, start low and go slow, and consult your veterinarian for medical concerns.

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Cooking with Cannabinoids

It is no new thing that cannabis has been infused in edible products. Dating back to even before Bartolomeo Platina completed the first printed cookbook in the 15th century, where he had several dishes that included the ingredient of hemp seeds as well as one for “cannabis nectar”, cannabis has been consumed in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. 


When we think edibles, typically we think about marijuana baked into gummy bears, cookies, chocolate bars, and more. There are also those pot brownies that are not only famous for being delicious but revolutionary. But what about cooking with the other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, like CBD? 


CBD can be found everywhere these days and more individuals are experimenting with ways in which to self-administer it for the potential benefits. Here we would like to discuss what CBD and its health benefits are, supplementing with CBD, and tips for cooking with it. If you should decide to make a CBD-infused treat, we have a recipe below for you to try!


What is CBD?


CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a phytocannabinoid (a cannabinoid from plants) found in cannabis that has been researched to have many therapeutic effects. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-emetic
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Anti-ischemic
  • Neuroprotectant


CBD is available to purchase in many, many forms. For cooking, I would stick with a tincture (oil) as it is more concentrated and already contains an ingredient we are used to cooking with – oil! CBD tinctures contain a carrier oil, which can be olive oil, sesame oil, fractionated coconut oil, or others. Some CBD tinctures will be labeled as an isolate, meaning that the only cannabinoid considered from the hundreds of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant is CBD. A CBD tincture labeled full-spectrum will consider all of the hundreds of cannabinoids, with an emphasis on the ratio of CBD. 


Why Supplement with CBD?


Our body naturally produces cannabinoids that bind to receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Sometimes, when our body does not produce enough cannabinoids, we may have what is called Endocannabinoid Deficiency. Therefore, by supplementing with phytocannabinoids like CBD, we may be able to mimic the actions of those natural cannabinoids to produce the same therapeutic benefits. 


Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil


  • Quality. You will want to be sure the product you are using is of high quality that you can trust. The quality of your product matters. The company you are purchasing from should be able to produce a Certificate of Analysis, or Batch Results, to show that the product you have in hand has the concentration of CBD it displays and has been tested for molds and pesticides. 


  • Start low and go slow. CBD works through the accumulation of the ECS. In order for it to provide day to day relief from your symptoms, you may want to explore consistent dosing. When cooking with it, you will want to have enough to where it may provide some added benefit but not too much so that it will:
    • Overwhelm the taste of your recipe
    • Be too high of a “starting dose”


For the recipe below, you will find that I chose to use a lower-concentrated formula. This allowed me to add a little more to not only get benefits from the cannabinoids, but the extra carrier oil made for a more delicious consistency. 


  • Increase bioavailability with a fatty recipe. The concept that meals increase the absorption of any medications, supplements, or vitamins is called bioavailability. This concept applies to CBD. CBD bioavailability is the percentage of CBD that is absorbed into the bloodstream. The more you absorb, the more potent it is. 


The CBD molecule is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it dissolves in fat. Therefore, when eating CBD along with another fatty ingredient it may be more easily dissolved and broken down. This decreases the amount of energy your body needs to use to break it down and potentially increases the bioavailability. In the recipe provided you will find peanut butter, chocolate, and coconut oil – all great sources of fats!


  • Heat. You will want to avoid heating CBD oil too quickly or at too high of temperatures in your recipes. Once heated, the CBD compounds may begin to break down as it evaporates. Therefore, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds along with CBD may be lost. The boiling point of CBD is around 320℉ to 356℉ (160℃ to 180℃) so you will want to stick with recipes that are unbaked or gradually heated so you can better control the temperature. You may even want to try to add CBD to the finished product of a recipe, such as a topping on a salad or popcorn or drizzled into an icing. 



Peanut Butter Chocolate Hemp Bars




1 ½ cups smooth, natural peanut butter (or any nut butter substitute)

⅓ cup pure maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

⅛ teaspoon salt

½ cup hemp hearts (raw, shelled/hulled hemp seeds)

3 cups crispy rice cereal (Rice Krispies or other gluten-free options)




1 ½ cups chocolate chips (any variation of your choice: vegan, sugar-free, dark chocolate – they will all be good!)

1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil

2-4 droppers of full-spectrum CBD oil (I used a 17mg formula in a “natural flavor”. The amount I used was 4 droppers or 2 mL, that equals about 34mg of CBD)

Sprinkle of sea salt




Line a 13×9 inch pan with parchment paper. Set aside.


FOR THE BASE. Mix together peanut butter, pure maple syrup, vanilla extract and salt until smooth. Then add and combine hemp hearts and crispy rice cereal. Press firmly into the lined pan.


FOR THE TOPPING. Melt together chocolate chips and coconut oil until smooth. You can do this over low heat on a stovetop or by heating 15-30 seconds at a time in the microwave, stirring between each increment. Only after the mixture has been removed from heat, add in droppers of CBD oil, mix well. Pour on top of base and spread evenly, top with sea salt. 


Cover and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Bars can be cut and stored in the freezer for 2 weeks or in the fridge for 1 week. Once at room temperature, they will begin to soften within 30 minutes (they are best kept cold!).



Testimonial: Cannabis and CBD from Stratos Helped Me With Several Injuries and Issues

After serving in the military and sustaining a back injury and head trauma, I was prescribed several pharmaceutical drugs to treat multiple symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and PTSD. Pharmaceutical options often left me groggy and became ineffective over time. After discovering Stratos THC and CBD products, I have been able to cease the use of pharmaceutical drugs and experience meaningful symptom relief and restful sleep. 

– Daniel Lloyd

When did you first try Stratos?

I first tried Stratos products in June 2019 at Apothecary Farms, my local dispensary.

What products do you use?

I use Stratos Sleep tablets 500 mg and Stratos Relax tablets 300 mg, both of which contain THC and CBD, and Stratos Soothe CBD Full Spectrum, a topical salve. 

What do you use Stratos for?

The Sleep tablets help with insomnia and sleep apnea symptoms, and induce quality sleep. The Relax tablets help with anxiety and depression and Soothe helps with localized pain and inflammation.

How have Stratos products helped you?

Sleep is elusive, sometimes for days at a time. After using Stratos regularly for the past 10 months, I have been able to start winding down and I am typically in bed before midnight and able to sleep through the night. Sometimes I have sleep interruptions, but it’s mainly due to a deviated septum which causes my sleep apnea. Most of the time I feel refreshed upon waking up, which is phenomenal since prescribed sleep medications usually left me feeling groggy in the morning and melatonin lost its effects after prolonged usage. I use Relax when I feel overwhelmed or anxious. My PTSD symptoms have improved significantly. Soothe topical absorbs well, works fast, and the formulation doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy. I use this product for pain and inflammation, specifically for neck pain and bulging discs in my lower back due to injuries from the military.

Why did you choose Stratos over the other options out there?

I chose Stratos because of quality, efficacy, affordability, and it offered an easy delivery method.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am very impressed by how fast the products work. Within 15-20 minutes effects can be felt and they last for hours. I am so thankful to have found Stratos. This product line has been life-changing for me and my family! Thank you!