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Chloe is now seizure free

Story provided by Chloe’s family Chloe has been taking cannabinoid therapy for three years and after an EEG to measure seizures, we were told Chloe is now seizure free! To put the icing on the cake, her neurologist admitted to us that she truly believes it was all the oil! She said she has never seen […]

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Our sweet boy has been given a chance to live

Provided by an anonymous family I’m at a loss for words in how to truly express what your work has done for our son. He was diagnosed with generalized myoclonic epilepsy (with four different types of seizures) that has been very difficult to treat. He has failed many meds and at one point he was […]

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He isn’t walking around like a zombie

Written by Taylor’s family Taylor’s health has improved drastically since starting the cannabinoid therapy. He went from being on 8 medications, including psych medications, to just one medication and the CBD oil. The only pharmaceutical medication he is on now is a weaning off dose of his seizure medication. He’s happy, healthy, mentally stable (more […]

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Matthew is way more alert on CBD

Matthew has “innumerable” brain tumors from his genetic disorder Tuberous Sclerosis and has tried and failed all medications. He used to have up to 15 grand mals daily, along with every other type of seizure (he has Lennox Gastaut). He would seize for hours daily. He would regularly be in status and would require large […]

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She continues to amaze us everyday.

Written by mom Tammy Scotlyn had her 1st seizure at 4 months old in September 2016. After an EEG and MRI she was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on Keppra. She continued to have seizures which got progressively worse with every pharmaceutical added and was constantly in and out of the hospital. By 5 months […]

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She is blooming like a flower

Written by mom Dawn My daughter Synthia has suffered from seizures since she was 10 months old. She is now 4 and we have exhausted every medication we could try to stop them. The neurologist said we can’t do anything else, Synthia regressed with several of the psychoactive drugs. My daughter is nonverbal, she can […]

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I feel like I’m “coming alive”

Written by mom Roberta MY 25 YEAR JOURNEY: My family and I have powered through and persevered over uncontrolled epilepsy for 25 years. I’ve been on over 25 different drugs none of which has controlled my seizures. I have had multiple hospital stays, countless trips to the emergency room, falls, hundreds of blood draws, and […]

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We just noticed he has dimples because now he can smile

Written by mom Roberta At 5 months old we started noticing Matthew wasn’t progressing in milestones, as he should. At 17 months he started having seizures, and he has had multiple seizures every day since then. He would have every type of seizure you could imagine. Shortly after diagnosed with seizures, he was diagnosed with […]

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Now he drives, goes to school, works and leads a normal healthy life

Written by: Mom Kirsten My son, Kellen, has epilepsy and was diagnosed at age 11. We didn’t want to put him on any of the medications out there due to the side effects.  We chose a route of eating certain foods and chiropractic care. That worked til this year. His triggers are lack of sleep, […]

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Thanks to CBD he’s happy, healthy and full of life. Thank you all for giving our child and our family our life back.

Written by Stacey We used the CBD oil as soon as the seizure started and they instantly stopped it. All of the people in the restaurant saw the miracle of cannabis stopping a seizure, even though they had no clue what I was using to stop it. If it weren’t for this amazing oil, we […]

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