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#Community Matters Bringing Everyone Together

Episode 7 of 7 [youtube] Donate Now! This episode concludes our end of year giving campaign and we hope you are feeling inspired by every one of these families! The end of the year brings reflection and goals for the next year.  Here at Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC), we help people find answers […]

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#OptionsMatter The Jerger’s grant moves them to Colorado

Episode 4 of 7 [youtube] Donate Now! “Number one hope for us is for Jaelah to be seizure free. Just a single day seizure free is like a miracle. It’s a celebration.” Says Jaelah’s parents. Since 2-year-old Jaelah has been using CBD oil, her seizures have reduced more than 90%. Instead of 100 seizures […]

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#GivingMatters Part 2 of Paula and Jordan’s Journey.

Episode 2 of 7 [youtube] Tune in tomorrow to meet our next family, the Jergers, and hear their incredible story! Donate Now! We hope you feel inspired to make an impact after watching part two of Paula and Jordan’s story. Today, when Jordan has a seizure it is much less severe and overall her […]

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#HopeMatters Meet Paula and Jordan

Episode 1 of 7 [youtube] Tune in tomorrow to hear the rest of Paula and Jordan’s story. Donate Now! In 2013 Paula and Jordan made a decision that would forever change their lives. Leaving their family and friends in Ohio and moving to Colorado was something they never imagined. All in hopes of a […]

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