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I wasn’t aware of CBD

Jazzlyn’s seizures are pretty much kept to baseline. She’ll have maybe 1 or 2 every 1 – 2 weeks except for when she gets sick. Her immune system is weak so it’s very easy for her to get sick and when she does she can have a seizure every day for however many days she’s […]

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Not all stories are success stories

Payton’s health has not improved. She is having complications with her stomach. She has been vomiting and coughing. Her stomach will not digest properly.  She had a G-tube placed and it has helped some. The CBD oil has helped with Payton’s pain and sleeping. I do believe her seizures have slowed down a bit since […]

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His mood seems to be better

The cannabinoid therapy has helped my son stay stagnant in regards to his seizure medication and only progress slightly in his gabapentin, that helps him with his leg pain. He is having shorter and less frequent seizures than when he started as well. His mood seems to be better. He doesn’t fuss as much as […]

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Improved Health Outcomes!

Celeste’s autism symptoms and seizures have improved greatly since starting Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and she has been taken off one of her traditional medications since being on the oil. If we didn’t receive the grant we wouldn’t be able to afford Charlotte’s Web for Celeste. We would be stuck with the traditional medications that […]

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She is usually sick all winter long

This winter my daughter has not gotten sick with the flu, cold, or illness.  In other years she was sick all winter long. This is absolutely amazing and I believe it is because of the CBD.  My daughter’s seizures have decreased but the wean off of the pharmaceutical medications has been very difficult. This RoC […]

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Liam’s Story

Since I began taking CBD oil, my complex partial seizures have been REDUCED to about half as often. I used to have them about twice a week but only about once a week since CBD. It has also reduced my auras a lot. I used to have auras almost every day but now it’s down […]

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He had his first full week of NO seizures day or night!!

Jensen has improved over this last year, and especially this last month. I am giving a ton of credit to the hemp oil that we are giving him at night.  Jensen almost always has had seizures every night- but since adding this cannabis oil only at night, he had his first full week of NO […]

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He is a bit more focused

Ruben’s most recent EEG exam has shown much improvement. We will continue to proceed with a longer EEG exam to get the most accurate results. Also, it seems to help his ADHD. He’s a bit more focused.  This has been such a blessing. At the moment I am unemployed to be a full-time caregiver to […]

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Chloe is now seizure free

Story provided by Chloe’s family Chloe has been taking cannabinoid therapy for three years and after an EEG to measure seizures, we were told Chloe is now seizure free! To put the icing on the cake, her neurologist admitted to us that she truly believes it was all the oil! She said she has never seen […]

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She is more active with more verbal communication

Story provided by Grace’s family Grace is doing so well since she has been on her CBD, I can’t even explain how appreciative we are. We have not seen any seizures, and her skin is looking so much better. She is more active with more verbal communication and seems to be getting her milestones caught […]

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