Are you busy?

What do you feel when you use or say the word busy? I have found the word and the act of being “busy” so jarring to my senses that I have taken it out from my vocabulary entirely. This blog is its written farewell.

Think about casual conversations with your friends: Hi! How are you? Oh, I am well; busy! How about you? Yea, I’ve been busy too.

It seems like the state of being “busy” has become a national phenomenon. A badge of honor, as we frenetically move mostly by momentum versus thoughtful purpose.

We don’t stop until we hit a wall. That wall could be a car accident, an illness, a divorce and even then, those moments serve as mere speed bumps before we accelerate into the fast lane once again.

Ask yourself what might be hiding behind the curtain of busy?

Could it be an uncomfortable conversation? An inevitable separation? A decision we are reluctant to make?

Let’s close our eyes for a moment and remember when was the last time we sat and did nothing at all. I mean absolutely NOTHING; what I call the art of BE-ing… a human BEing.

How did that feel? What did you attune yourself to that you might have missed otherwise? Too busy to try the exercise? Do it, you will not regret it, and I promise you have 30 seconds.

It is in those rare moments when we are moved by inspiration, revelation, restitution and a sense of self. For instance, ‘what is happening with me these days?’ Checking-in with oneself.

It is in these precious moments that we hear life whispering to us. Life can lead us gently by the hand because it knows that we are paying attention. In the moments when life stops; life actually begins. Does that make sense?

These moments of “BEing” show us why we are HERE and connects us to a greater perspective. It’s probably why we feel one with all when we look at the sunset or a gripping vista. Breathtaking beauty prompts us to STOP and for seconds, we just are. Ahh…

And, although, it is normal for life to hasten from time to time, the mindless state of “busy” becomes the thief of LIFE, which robs us of the vitality that comes from following our inner guidance, which leads to PEACE. Can we have one more… Ahh?

Therefore, it could be concluded that in the absence of the “B” word mentioned 9 times previously, the outcome could be PEACE.

And PEACE… comes to us when we are PRESENT.

What are some ways you have found to slow down and just BE? Let us know in the comments to be eligible to win a year’s free Calm subscription, the number one app for meditation and mindfulness.

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The first day taking the CBD I noticed I was not anxious

Written by Christine

I had been in two rear end collisions and then hit in the head at work. I have herniated discs in my neck and now in my lower back. My pain was all about getting around it so I could support my family. Taking pills was just a part my life. Finally it was too much to bear and I had to go on a leave of absence.

I have been on the big pharma rollercoaster. They do not tell you that you will indeed become dependent and you will not know why you feel the way you feel. A person has no clue that pills only mask what your body is telling you and that you will get an entirely new set of issues by taking synthetic pain relief.

I was at my rapidly fraying rope. The darkness was unbearable. Anxiety and physical pain ruled my life. I got on my knees and kept asking the Lord to help me or just take me home to Heaven. I had spent a few thousand dollars on other alternatives, nothing helped and I was ready to try one last time. So I ordered a high CBD oil online.

The first day taking the CBD I noticed I was not anxious. I had stopped taking Xanax. Then at the end of the first day I noticed I did not reach for the pain meds. I was shocked to say the least. This was a historical event that I never thought possible. Then came the second day, the third day…and now I am on my 20th day and I only had to take my pain meds once in the last 20 days and that is only because I sat on a sidewalk to watch a parade at Disneyland!

CBD is a truly amazing alternative to healing one’s body and or just changing the way the pain feels, if that makes any sense. I still have pain but it’s different and I can tolerate it now. The Realm Of Caring opened a door I did not think was accessible.

I hope my story will help others to understand the healing properties of CBD and also help cut the stigma. CBD does not get you high. I am not able to tolerate THC. Plus I am in the medical field so I need to be up on my game. Thank you.

He is able to sleep through the night and allow mommy to be able to rest as well

Written by Ayren’s mom

Ayren is now in the full phases of potty training, since he had kidney cancer it’s expected to be delays. He has learned to count to 20, is learning his colors, his ABC’s plus he is able to keep a short conversation, say his name, and now tell how old he is.

The financial assistance has helped immensely. Often times you hear of families that go through hard times and some marriages make while other do not. The strain of Ayren’s diagnosis has sadly tore my family apart and I am now doing it as a single mother. Having the financial aid has given me one less worry on how I’ll manage my son’s aftercare. Of course beyond the grant I have no clue what I will do, but Ayren has been blessed thus far in healing and having a somewhat normal life.

This therapy has allowed Ayren to resume a new normal. His anxiety has subsided, he has progressed immensely in his speech and ability to communicate. He is able to sleep through the night and allow mommy to be able to rest as well. I anticipate he being able to begin school, with the assistance of a school teacher’s aid. We are entering his 2 year remission mark and with the continuance of his oils I expect him to progress even farther. He has some areas of pain in his joints and limbs but I know his body is growing. Ayren has an older brother that he is now able able to communicate with and play with more as well.

365 JAN 28 2

Matthew is way more alert on CBD

Matthew has “innumerable” brain tumors from his genetic disorder Tuberous Sclerosis and has tried and failed all medications. He used to have up to 15 grand mals daily, along with every other type of seizure (he has Lennox Gastaut). He would seize for hours daily. He would regularly be in status and would require large amounts of rescue medications and/or frequent ER visits and hospitalizations. His neurologist even prescribed the medication they administer only in epilepsy units to stop status seizures for Matthew for home use. His neurologist is at a major medical center and has advised that Matthew is one of his most difficult patient’s to treat. He currently takes 5 meds in addition to the oil.

With certainty, I can say that Matthew is way more alert on CBD and has had an overall reduction of about 65 – 70% of his seizures since taking the oil. He is nonverbal, so he can’t tell us how he is feeling, but he has way more energy, is far more alert and is walking longer distances with support than he was able to. He is almost 32 years old and has been seizing daily without relief since he was 6 months old. He has multiple serious medical issues, but without a doubt, his seizure activity frames our entire lives – what we can do, when, how he needs to be supported (ie if he is having a lot of seizures, all plans are cancelled, or if he is having a bad day, do we need to carry around an oxygen tank and suction machine, which skilled person will be supporting Matthew or do we have to take time off of work and care for him ourselves, etc. etc). I am so happy for him and our family to have found a product that actually works for him. We have always tried anything that the doctor had suggested in an attempt to help him. Our doctors were all supportive of Matthew trying this new therapy.

This financial aid does allow Matthew to obtain a new treatment option instead of relying on the old ineffective ones. We have been amazed at the effectiveness of the oil. Watching him have intense and horrible seizures everyday was the worst kind of helplessness – knowing that nothing we were doing was really helping to stop them, despite being treated by world class medical professionals. His expenses for supports, medical supplies (syringes, incontinence products, suction supplies, gloves, medication copayments, lifts, slings, wheelchairs, bath seats, wheelchair van repairs, etc. etc.), paramedical treatments (massage therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy) are so incredibly high.

We are firm believers that everyone has a place of belonging in their community and have unique ways to contribute to society. Matthew lives at home. Most people with Matthew’s level of care needs live in chronic care hospitals. We couldn’t live with ourselves if that was his place of residence so we have done everything we could possibly do and sacrificed incredibly to enable him to live a “regular” life, to belong in the community as a citizen. He is forging a new path to belonging, and we hope our advocacy and other efforts will make it easier for other families to do the same for their loved one, so that heartbreaking choices should not have to be made because of a mess of ineffective policies and red tape that continues marginalize the most vulnerable of our society.

365 JAN 27 2

She continues to amaze us everyday.

Written by mom Tammy

Scotlyn had her 1st seizure at 4 months old in September 2016. After an EEG and MRI she was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on Keppra. She continued to have seizures which got progressively worse with every pharmaceutical added and was constantly in and out of the hospital. By 5 months old in October 2016, she was on 7 AED meds at once, in the PICU of Children’s Hospital in status (constant seizing), and she was having 17 + seizures an hour around the clock. The medicines she was on at one time at 5 months old is sickening. Keppra, Trileptal, Vimpat , Topamax, Klonopin, Ativan, IV Versed (and still seizing on all of that).

The doctors had nothing left but a medically induced coma so asked if I could please try CBD oil and they said yes. Her condition improved rapidly after just the first dose. She was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and probable cortical dysplasia. In November she developed infantile spasms so the doctors tried a powerful steroid called ACTH.

So out of desperation I contacted Realm of Caring to see if they had any advice. I spoke with Lacie (who is amazing by the way), she gave me dosing instructions and once I got Scotlyn to 1.75 mg in 3 days her spasms stopped – never to be seen again!! Today, Scotlyn is 2 1/2 years old, she is down to 2 seizure meds (we tried a total of 12 AED’s and failed before trying CBD oil) She is walking, running, eating, playing, and a pretty typical 2 year old. She is finally starting to talk. She couldn’t even sit up supported at 1 year old so these milestones are so very amazing to us and she continues to amaze us everyday.

She has not been admitted to the hospital since November 2016!! We are so thankful for Realm of Caring and Lacie, CBD oil – epilepsy’s arch nemesis. God Bless all of you. Sometimes it truly does take a village. You all contributed to giving me my daughter back and giving her quality of life. Thank you so very much.

365 JAN 26 2

She has gained the confidence and joy of joining peers

Written by mom Denise

My beautiful and joyful 12-year-old daughter, Lily, is autistic. Her brain-wiring provides her with many strengths, like an extraordinarily deep level of empathy and caring for others, a “steel trap” memory, a wonderful ability to think “out-of-the-box” and an imagination and abilities that are artistic and creative, among many others. Her brain-wiring also makes her very sensitive and vulnerable to a deep level of anxiety because her brain doesn’t regulate “good” brain chemicals consistently well and she is prone to inflammation.

Since Lily was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2, our family’s journey has been one focused on newer brain science/developmental therapeutic methods that support Lily’s development–working from the inside out to feel regulated and help her to enjoy connecting with others, develop self-love and self-awareness, an understanding that we all have differences in challenges and strengths, and embracing others’ differences, too. Inside-out has also meant showing her how to take care of her body with healthy foods, moderation when it comes to less healthy “treat foods,” and awareness of the kind of physical exercises that support her emotional and physical regulation. Another important part of inside-out has been finding out what Lily’s body is missing nutritionally, and supplementation. Prior to supplementing Charlotte’s Web, we addressed Lily’s anxiety in different ways, which include all of the above. She made progress, but nothing close to what Charlotte’s Web has provided for her.

No words can paint a clear picture of how Lily has benefited from Charlotte’s Web. She is less fearful about many of the day-to-day things she was before, her social anxiety has been reduced dramatically. Before Charlotte’s Web, Lily had an easier time connecting with adults than peers, even though she wanted so much to engage with peers, she often didn’t have the courage and she said her mind wasn’t, “clear enough to know what to say.” She has gained the confidence and joy of joining peers. Her independence is growing in day-to-day life and activities at home, and even in her confidence and willingness in academic learning.

It’s very easy for non-autistics to take our brains for granted, including our ability to manage feeling calm through all of the transitions we make each and every day, or navigate stressful moments and situations. Being able to do that is vital to our mental health. Because of CBD oil, Lily now has that.

His meltdowns significantly improved

Written by mom Cheryl

Bradley has been taking cannabinoid therapy for about a year now. Before he started therapy, Bradley had frequent meltdowns, was hyper, made poor eye contact, and was not interested in the environment around him. Everything has improved except for he is still nonverbal. If someone walks in my back door, he hears that now and goes to see who it is (he didn’t do this before). His meltdowns significantly improved. Bradley is still very autistic but so much better than he used to be.

My family members kinda scattered when Bradley became autistic at 16 months old. It would be an inconvenience for my family to actually help. “Not my kid, not my problem” is their motto. The impact on me is huge. I’m all by myself with Bradley and every day is a struggle. This grant has helped take some stress away from me. I truly believe this therapy has helped Bradley and I can’t even imagine what would happen to him if I couldn’t give him this oil anymore.

The grant has absolutely eased my financial burden. The extra money has helped with everyday expenses, clothes, food or sensory toys for Bradley. Many businesses have special needs nights but they still charge money and you don’t know if your child will stay 5 minutes or an hour. I was able to take Bradley to one of those events. I have even enrolled Bradley in swim classes. Thank you Realm of Caring for your generosity.

She is blooming like a flower

Written by mom Dawn

My daughter Synthia has suffered from seizures since she was 10 months old. She is now 4 and we have exhausted every medication we could try to stop them. The neurologist said we can’t do anything else, Synthia regressed with several of the psychoactive drugs. My daughter is nonverbal, she can sit up and bunny hop to crawl but she can’t walk independently and needs total dependability.

We heard about CBD oil two years ago when it aired on the news, our friends and family called us just to make sure we saw this. I was blown away and had such great new hope. My heart was so full because it never gets any easier watching your baby have seizures all day. We called the Realm of Caring and were told that we could only get it if we lived there. So we started making arrangements to move which is very expensive. We were going to split the family and go but we heard we would be able to get it in our state (not knowing we would have to get into a study that didn’t even exist at the time). So we were sad and back to square one. We let Synthia finish out her school year at a special needs school that we love and talked about moving again.

Then we received an email stating the CBD oil could be shipped. I was so excited I cried. I called the ROC and they were so very helpful with dosing questions. Syntha went one month with no seizures, she has been very happy, laughing like I have never heard her laugh, she has more energy than before, and she has no side effects. Teachers say she is a different child. Synthia has started walking in her walker all over the place. She is blooming like a flower. God sent this to us and it is a miracle.

Replacing the “B” word

Now that we have said good-bye to busy, let’s turn our attention to a worthy replacement. The word I have in mind – when spoken softly – will create a rounded wave in your mouth, as it brings your lips to a sweet pucker, only to release into an ever so slight of a smile. This word in all of its meanings and connotations will bring back a sense of balance to a more present, healthier YOU!

Without further ado ladies and gents, let’s welcome the word….. Boundaries!

Woot woot!

And in welcoming the word, let’s also accept it’s meaning! This is where we might break off into two categories and I would be interested in hearing which one resonates with you.

Boundaries will either make you:

  1. Cringe
  2. Feel empowered

Depending on which camp you fall in – and we will address both – speaks directly to how familiar you are with the implementation of boundaries in your life.

It makes you cringe, does it?

You are not alone. And not to stress the gender gap, but I think that women might have a tougher time with boundaries than men do for the simple reason we feel it’s impolite. The people pleasers in us reject, and often suffer, with the word, “No”. Ouch! A hard “no” is harsh! Succinct in its two-letter delivery, there is no bend! None. It’s hard to hear it too. Our childhood was littered in “No, no, NOOOOO’s!” I get it, I have vacillated in both camps, mostly this one, though, until my physical health began to pay the price and I was forced to make changes. Therefore, if you are here, we are learning together.

How many of you feel, empowered?  

If you are in this camp, Bravo! People who set boundaries with ease are less stressed, more effective, clear communicators, more compassionate (believe it or not) and for a lack of a better word, happier. This means you know yourself well. Setting boundaries in your personal relationships, at work and as you transit through life means you respect yourself and therefore you recognize and appreciate these qualities in others.

Think about a time when you have felt overextended, overcommitted and underappreciated. In such times it is easy to blame your boss, your significant other, or even your friends for your frazzled nerves, and yet…. (read this with all of your attention twice!)…  NO ONE can betray us as deeply as we betray ourselves.

Go ahead… That merits a second go ‘round. NOBODY CAN BETRAY US AS DEEPLY AS WE BETRAY OURSELVES.

Part of setting and communicating boundaries is knowing them! This entails honing the most important relationship of all; the grandest love affair you will ever have; the one that builds the foundation for all other relationships… AND the one that will never end!!

Yep, baby! That’s the one with YOUR beautiful self! This is the most worthwhile personal investment, as well as the most neglected.

Let’s regroup, shall we?  

Self-love + self-respect = Boundaries!

Low-self esteem + people pleasing = betrayal of self (no boundaries) 🙁

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.  

– Brené Brown

I recently reached out to an acquaintance regarding a topic I wanted to discuss with her and she responded by saying, “..I’m feeling wiped and sleepy after my day, but let me check in with my energy and tell you tomorrow if we can chat..”  

I was impressed by her response because it was so honest and it motivated me to want to do the same! We make so many excuses and apologies when honesty is so well received. This simple exchange taught me so much. Setting boundaries is a way of showing mutual respect and kindness.

Are you lacking in boundaries? What are some ways that you set boundaries in your life? How has it made a difference? When you share, we all learn! Comment below and if you know someone who needs to hear this message, will you share it with them?

By: Lisa Lopez, Content Creator – Realm of Caring

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