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Help Hemp in Colorado

Almost exactly one year ago today we called on you to take action on Colorado Bill SB22-205 that threatened to strip you and I of our access to hemp products across the state. You took heroic action and as a direct result Realm of Caring took part in the SB 205 task force for the remainder of 2022. 


Now, we are calling on you to help us ensure that those protections we fought to put in place remain. 


The newly drafted SB 205 (now SB23-271) ensures:


  • CBD products may remain to be sold at a 15:1 ratio, with no more than 2.5mg of THC per serving size
  • There will be no THC container limits 
  • CBD may be purchased without age restrictions
  • Strengthened regulation and enforcement against non-compliant and intoxicating products


What does this mean for you? 


It means that if, and only if, this bill passes, you will be able to continue to purchase the same quality, safe, full-spectrum products that have been available to us for a decade


Is there a risk?


YES. The bill is out of task force hands and headed to the legislature today, which means our access to hemp remains vulnerable until the bill is signed as is. 


Protect hemp today


Please protect the safe hemp products that have been available to Coloradans for over a decade by filling out this form and sending it to the bill sponsors – Senator Roberts and Senator Van Winkle:


SB22-205 Task Force Bill Draft

Send an email to the legislators and let them know how this would affect you!

Your name will be added to the email where it says Your Name. Please feel free to add your story to the message and then press send.
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Dear Elected Officials,

Please PROTECT COLORADO's Hemp Industry and Consumers by accepting the newly drafted SB22-205 as presented by state-appointed Task Force members.
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