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Our sweet boy has been given a chance to live

Provided by an anonymous family I’m at a loss for words in how to truly express what your work has done for our son. He was diagnosed with generalized myoclonic epilepsy (with four different types of seizures) that has been very difficult to treat. He has failed many meds and at one point he was […]

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I was sleep deprived for 6.5 years of his illness, my level of sleep now is intoxicating

Written by mom Linda THIS IS THE BEST PART!!! NO, NONE, NADA… ahhhhh I could fill this whole block with just this and sit back in my chair and stare at it for days…truly. Isaac is doing MARVELOUS. NO SEIZURES SINCE OIL!!!!! Can I write it in the sky, or carve it in a pie?? […]

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I feel like I’m “coming alive”

Written by mom Roberta MY 25 YEAR JOURNEY: My family and I have powered through and persevered over uncontrolled epilepsy for 25 years. I’ve been on over 25 different drugs none of which has controlled my seizures. I have had multiple hospital stays, countless trips to the emergency room, falls, hundreds of blood draws, and […]

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We just noticed he has dimples because now he can smile

Written by mom Roberta At 5 months old we started noticing Matthew wasn’t progressing in milestones, as he should. At 17 months he started having seizures, and he has had multiple seizures every day since then. He would have every type of seizure you could imagine. Shortly after diagnosed with seizures, he was diagnosed with […]

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Not only has CBD helped control my daughter’s seizures but I also notice an improvement in her mood and quality of sleep.

Written by Maggie’s mom Not only has CBD helped control my daughter’s seizures but I also notice an improvement in her mood and quality of sleep. This aid allows me to provide my daughter with a medicine that is natural and has no negative side effects. It helps offset the negative side effects of her […]

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Cannabis has helped ease my anxiety and lessen my Asperger’s symptoms

Written by Megan Cannabis has helped ease my anxiety and lessen my Asperger’s symptoms. I am in treatment for Lyme disease and have to go slow with the dose, but it supports my treatment by helping keep the bacteria at bay. CBD oil has been a wonderful and enjoyable part of the treatment for Lyme […]

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She is happier than ever and is attempting to sit up and roll, communicate, and hug.

Written by mom Kerry Our daughter, Reese, has suffered from seizures since she was born. She was at one time having 20 seizures a day while on 3 anti-seizure meds. We have tried 12 pharmaceuticals to control her seizures. We had to acknowledge our acceptance of their side effects which included possible blindness, liver failure, […]

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The brain fog from my fibromyalgia has lifted and my energy levels are up!

Written by Anonymous I currently have severe adrenal fatigue, to the point when active I suddenly hit a brick wall and can’t move, feeling completely incapacitated.  I take 15-20 drops of high CBD oil and within ten minutes I have a second wind. It’s so subtle I didn’t even realize it at first. A friend […]

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The attacks stopped and he began to smile again

Written by RoC clients in Bulgaria Hello, I am writing from Bulgaria to inform you that we started giving the drug scheme [regimen] you sent me and the attacks stopped and he began to smile again, I feel that more of course! Thanks for the help! His muscle tone is much better now. I began […]

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We have been able to go out and travel without being worried sick about her seizures.

Written by a mom who wishes to stay anonymous You have no idea how grateful we are with this CBD oil, our daughter has changed in a significant way. She´s sleeping better, her appetite is amazing, she´s more aware of her surroundings, and her squint eye seems to get better every day. Not to mention […]

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