Stratos: Bringing Pharmaceutical Accuracy to Cannabis

Helping people powers everything we do. 

It’s our mission to offer people safe, pure, and reliable cannabis and CBD products they can trust.

Our careers didn’t start out in cannabis, they began in the pharmaceutical industry. When people go to Walgreens or CVS, they trust that what they buy is safe and will help them get better. And while the pharmaceutical standards for manufacturing and production are well-trusted, some of the motives behind pharmaceutical companies are not.

We get it. And we got out because of it. 

We started to see some of the highly controlled drugs we were developing to “help” people being abused by patients, doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Instead of helping people, we started to see the drugs hurting them. 

We knew there had to be an alternative to truly help people that didn’t involve potential long-term damage. 

When we learned about the healing effects of cannabis, it reinvigorated our passion to help people. From that day forward, we’ve worked to create cannabis and CBD products with the same pharmaceutical standards as what you’d find on pharmacy shelves.

What We Do

Before our team spends months developing a product, they spend time at the drawing board. After comparing the different ways to ingest cannabis and CBD, we narrowed the options down. Our research found that tablets, tinctures and topicals are the best options for rapid onset, longevity, and body receptivity. 

Because health and safety are top priorities, our focus is on products that are vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free, and our topical products are paraben-free. Excipient ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, and all of our hemp and cannabis are grown in Colorado.

Every product is tested multiple times during the manufacturing process. This includes pesticides, microbial growth, heavy metals, potency, and residual solvents to ensure your safety.

You can put us to the test by reviewing a Certificate of Analysis for our CBD products. We include one with each online purchase. We want to earn your trust, and we will go to any length to earn it. We are grateful that nearly 700 dispensaries in Colorado have entrusted our THC products to their customers by adding them to their shelves.

We’d also like to share a bit about our products for you to consider.


This option is portable, discreet, reliable, convenient and long-lasting. Unlike infused food products such as gummies, which may require 90 minutes to take effect, tablets have an onset of 15-30 minutes and can last up to 8 hours.

Tablets can be halved or quartered based on your dosing needs. Be sure to take the tablets with a fat source (such as a spoonful of peanut butter) to experience the maximum benefits. Cannabinoids are fat soluble so they need to bind to a lipid to absorb into the body.

  • Stratos CBD tablets are available in Full Spectrum 300 (30 tablets of 10mg each), Full Spectrum 750 (30 tablets of 25mg each), Isolate 300 (30 tablets of 10mg each), and Isolate 750 bottles (30 tablets of 25mg each). 
  • Stratos THC tablets are available in Sleep (Indica THC), Energy (Sativa THC), Relax (Hybrid) and CBD 1:1, CBD 2:1, CBD 15:1, CBD 25mg (THC and CBD). Tablets come in doses of 5mg, 10mg, or 50mg. Available in bottles of 75mg, 100mg, 300mg, or 500mg. 


We want you to get the most out of your tincture, and quickly. To increase absorption and speed up onset, we use high-shear technology to break down cannabis and CBD molecules into smaller particles. This allows the plant to take effect in less than five minutes and last 3-4 hours. 

Placing a tincture under the tongue (sublingual absorption) is up to 10x faster than anything you chew or swallow (first pass digestion absorption). Place the tincture under your tongue, wait 30 seconds, then swallow. The tincture then heads straight to the bloodstream. 

  • Stratos CBD tinctures are created with hemp-derived CBD oil and MCT oil and are available in 500mg and 1000mg quantities for Full Spectrum or Isolate.
  • Stratos THC tinctures have two options:
    • A tangerine tincture created with MCT oil and cannabis oil available in Sleep 1:1 (Indica, CBD), Energy 1:1 (Sativa, CBD), Relax 1:1 (Hybrid, CBD). Each come with 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD. There is also a 15:1 CBD option with 100mg CBD and 6.67mg hybrid THC.
    • A chocolate mint tincture created through a phospholipid emulsion of water, MCT oil and cannabis oil. This special emulsion offers the highest bioavailability tincture option available and must be mixed well before taking. It is also available in Sleep 1:1, Energy 1:1, Relax 1:1 and 15:1 CBD.


If you’re looking to target a specific part of the body, such as your back or legs, then a topical salve is perfect. Our salves are infused with a whopping six essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax, so it’s like a big hug for your skin. This smooth, silky salve can be massaged wherever you need it, and you’ll feel the benefits within minutes. For those concerned about any psychoactivity, it’s important to note that you won’t “feel high” by applying a THC product to your skin (it must be ingested).

  • Stratos CBD topicals have 500mg each, and are available in Full Spectrum or Isolate.
  • Stratos THC topicals include Soothe 1:1, which is infused with 100mg THC and CBD, and Soothe ER, which includes 300mg THC and 300mg CBD.

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