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The cannabis oil kept the pain away completely

Story provided by Mary Lou I didn’t use any more opioids, just cannabis oil. I was able to work from home the day following surgery without any impairment from medication. I was able to reduce the dosage after about a week. The next surgery I had was to remove 2 adjoining molars, she had to […]

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US Government hears your comments about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis) #TakeAction

Photo Credits : Freedom Leaf Magazine You’ve probably heard that the US Government is taking public comments – yes, your comments – about rescheduling marijuana (cannabis) through October 31st, 2018. It’s currently scheduled at level 1 with no known medical benefits. Do you think it should be rescheduled or de-scheduled and removed from the list […]

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She is happier than ever and is attempting to sit up and roll, communicate, and hug.

Written by mom Kerry Our daughter, Reese, has suffered from seizures since she was born. She was at one time having 20 seizures a day while on 3 anti-seizure meds. We have tried 12 pharmaceuticals to control her seizures. We had to acknowledge our acceptance of their side effects which included possible blindness, liver failure, […]

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Exploring Major Cannabinoids

Exploring Major Cannabinoids WHAT: RoC Education Series for Cannabinoid Therapy: Exploring Major Cannabinoids Register for the education here: https://www.theroc.us/orientation-series (Note: you will have to sign in to your client account to register for the class, or create a new one).  WHY: To inform new and existing clients about cannabinoid therapies and exploring what the major cannabinoids are […]

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