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Jason knows that he MATTERS!!

Being on CBD has given Jason hope. He hasn’t had that in quite some time and being accepted into this program and starting to take CBD he has found hope. He knows that someone out there cares and is listening. He knows he matters! The grant money has helped him with everyday needs like food […]

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His meltdowns significantly improved

Written by mom Cheryl Bradley has been taking cannabinoid therapy for about a year now. Before he started therapy, Bradley had frequent meltdowns, was hyper, made poor eye contact, and was not interested in the environment around him. Everything has improved except for he is still nonverbal. If someone walks in my back door, he […]

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Cannabis is much better than any prescription medicine I’ve ever tried.

Written by Alice My health has improved dramatically and as long as I take a daily dose my symptoms are manageable.Much better than any prescription medication I’ve ever tried. Without the grant (Realm Cares™ Financial Aid) I wouldn’t be able to buy CBD oil, so I’m extremely grateful. It has made my quality of life […]

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I noticed my hands weren’t hurting any longer even after working outside in my garden or doing strenuous work around our property

Written by Margaret My husband Kenneth and I started taking Charlotte’s Web (CW) original hemp formula in April 2017. He’s now been seizure-free since May of 2018. I also take Charlotte’s Web for arthritis in my hands and fingers. A couple weeks after starting the oil, I noticed my hands weren’t hurting any longer even […]

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