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Jayden has meltdowns with her autism

Jayden did really well with the CBD oil when we first started it last year. As we increased the oil, she continued to do well. Then after about 4 months, she seemed to become immune to the oil. We ran out of the oil after 5 months of use and we decided to give it […]

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Living with #Lyme disease

Since starting the hemp oil, I have had some days when I have been free of pain; not what has been usual for me since having Lyme.  This seems to last until the next change in barometric pressure – not long, this is the midwest, where we say “if you don’t like the weather, wait […]

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Juliana’s tumor has shrunk 90%!!

Juliana’s tumor has shrunk 90%!! The grant helps with medically related expenses not covered by our health insurance, like gas to get to the hospital, parking at the hospital and supplements. Without the grant it would be extremely difficult to afford the CBD oil for Juliana. We very much appreciate Realm of Caring’s help. Juliana’s […]

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Fibromyalgia pain is crippling

For years I have dealt with chronic pain, muscle spasms and nerve pain and my doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Along with severe fatigue, I had a hard time managing daily life activities and work.  Brain fog consumed me. I couldn’t concentrate or keep my train of thought. I lost the ability to […]

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My insulin requirements have been cut in half.

My insulin requirements since June have been cut in half.  In June my A1c was 7.0 and in October was 6.4. My type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, colitis, Crohn’s and adrenal gland cancer have gotten a little better.  Last week when I got the dosing high enough, I started sleeping a few hours a night. […]

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CBD has improved my child’s life

Bradley is autistic. Health wise he is okay, as far as I know, he can’t tell me. Cannabinoid therapy has helped with his violent meltdowns, eye contact, and his concentration. It has not helped with his language, still non-verbal. I would say his meltdowns have improved by 90%. This is my theory: autistic children have […]

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His mood seems to be better

The cannabinoid therapy has helped my son stay stagnant in regards to his seizure medication and only progress slightly in his gabapentin, that helps him with his leg pain. He is having shorter and less frequent seizures than when he started as well. His mood seems to be better. He doesn’t fuss as much as […]

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Improved Health Outcomes!

Celeste’s autism symptoms and seizures have improved greatly since starting Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and she has been taken off one of her traditional medications since being on the oil. If we didn’t receive the grant we wouldn’t be able to afford Charlotte’s Web for Celeste. We would be stuck with the traditional medications that […]

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Chronic pain has wreaked havoc on Sheila’s life

I have only recently been able to begin experimenting with the CBD tincture but my initial results are incredibly encouraging!  Even if the only benefit derived is an increase in my ability to achieve sleep for longer than an hour or two at a time (which has been the norm for nearly 2 decades, constant […]

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She is usually sick all winter long

This winter my daughter has not gotten sick with the flu, cold, or illness.  In other years she was sick all winter long. This is absolutely amazing and I believe it is because of the CBD.  My daughter’s seizures have decreased but the wean off of the pharmaceutical medications has been very difficult. This RoC […]

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