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Client Spotlight: May


She was diagnosed with at the young age of 4. When we first started Charlotte’s Web, she was having approximately 6 episodes a day of varying seizures. She was not responding to various pharmaceuticals with full control; they all affected her personality, as well as the seizures, turned her into a different person.

I am thrilled to say we are approaching a full year since a tonic or tonic-clonic seizure!! We just went for an extended EEG to see if her smaller ones that are harder to detect are still occurring. We were accepted into the program but we already know this is going to have a huge impact for us.

2 thoughts on “Client Spotlight: May

  1. Hello. So happy to hear that CBD is working for you. How much CBD oil controls the seizures? We are just starting out with other CBD’s after Epidiolex, for generalized Idiopathic Epilepsy. Currently having 1 to 3 tonic clonic seizures per month, for over 1 year now.

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