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#RaisetheRealm 4 Days Left to $70K



Zaki has a very rare form of called . On top of many, many seizures, he has and his development has been delayed. He had 6 different types of seizures resulting in hundreds of thousands of seizures in his short life. Zaki was receiving hospice palliative care prior to cannabinoid after his family tried 17 different pharmaceuticals, all of which failed him.

Even when you could not see Zaki’s seizures, his brain was still seizing at least every 10 seconds. How is a young brain to develop under these conditions?

After many struggles, Zaki started cannabinoid therapy in 2012. He is one of the reasons the Realm of Caring was founded. It took a few months to find the correct dose and then his seizures completely remitted. Some would call that a miracle, that is if there weren’t strong science to support CBD for seizures. Zaki was seizure free for almost 4 years. He was also able to come off of all pharmaceuticals. He is currently 99% seizure free.

Today, Zaki is a very lovable, kind, funny, and such a sweet boy. He is learning and developing more and more every day. Another inspirational story of cannabinoid therapy playing an instrumental part in bringing a child from hospice to health.

Zaki is age 14. His older brother Zarek is 20

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