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Telemedicine in Colorado: Take Action Now!

Medical cannabis telemedicine has been banned under Colorado State Law, only allowed temporarily under an executive order issued by Governor Polis during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since 2021, when the executive order ended, Colorado has witnessed an exodus of medical card holding patients leave the system. The requirements of patients for obtaining and maintaining a medical card coupled with the scarcity of clinics who offer services in rural areas of the state, are leading reasons for non-renewals. While many will suggest recreational purchasing as an alternative, for several the high tax and less-concentrated product allowances makes even recreational cannabis inhibitory.


Many of Colorado’s medical cannabis patients are homebound, immunocompromised, and/or disabled. Just as 32+ of the states in our nation offer, Colorado patients should have access to telemedicine as an avenue to support their health care.


If you agree that telemedicine should be brought back to Colorado, and here to stay, please fill out this form in support. Your information will be shared with the state legislature who are bound to keep your needs and interests at the forefront of their decision-making.


Please feel free to share your personal story here and why telemedicine matters to you and your family.
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