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CBD Helped My Neuropathy After Breast Cancer and Gave Me My Life Back

This blog was written by Cathe and submitted by our friends at Stratos. 


I am 63 years old. Four years ago breast cancer and the medications I needed to fight that battle, mixed with some aging, were not kind to my body. After my treatments, I was left with feet that were in unbelievable constant pain. My feet felt like they were constantly on fire. The burning pain never went away, and was especially challenging in bed when the nerve pain went up higher and higher. Standing in lines like at the post office or at the grocery store were no longer possible. My passion for travel, and love of movement and just walking were totally gone, as was golf and any hiking. 


I tried everything. Friends sent me salves and numerous different ideas constantly. I did serious attempts to relieve the pain with reflexology, acupuncture, even using prescribed medications, Advil, meditation, physical therapy and tequila. For me, getting the courage to go to a dispensary was a big deal, as THC does not really agree with me and never has. The recommendation of Stratos CBD 15:1 Tablets (5mg CBD + 0.33mg THC per tablet) was a desperate attempt to get some kind of quality back into my life. I went to a few lectures on CBD and tried other products but I noticed nothing. I was seriously skeptical. 


Both of my sons were the true persistent ones who kept telling me to try a combo of THC and CBD. My one son knew the dispensary owner and staff in our town and started asking them what they would recommend for me. Then he researched Stratos’ reputation. He knew I was not going to just ” smoke pot” or take just anything. 


At first, after I began taking the tablets, I felt nothing different. I think it was cumulative. Sadly, it took a physical therapist to recognize what I had started to take for granted. He pointed out that I was walking and standing after two pretty bad years. I began this product around June of 2017 and by the next November it was pointed out to me that I had started LIVING and walking, doing small hikes again. This product has me able to walk for up to 20,000 steps on some days and has been one key tool in my toolchest fighting neuropathy. Again, I believe for me it was a cumulative effect, and slowly the product tamed my nerves. I have no idea what happened, but I am never stopping. I am a Stratos lifer. 


I take one tablet later in the morning and some days need to take two. I often forget the afternoon dose, but I am holding in a good pattern and am very happy to say I am a believer. I never seem to need Advil, as headache days are relieved by the same dose of the 15:1. If the pain is greater, I double up. 


Sleep is also less painful and slightly easier as I do not have the nerve pain shooting up my legs when I relax and go horizontal. So now that I am open minded (please laugh at this), I am currently experimenting with the Stratos Sleep 1:1 Tincture which the dispensary suggested. Being a lightweight, I start low and go slow. I think it might be working as well. I might have found another product that can help me. 


To all, yes, I am sincerely grateful for your company and products which is why I asked at the dispensary how to write and say THANK YOU to Stratos. Here is a photo taken of me in an Apple Class, we were recording a dance. Imagine that!!! I still have my handicap parking pass but I am NOT using it.  


Cathe D.

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