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What to Know Before Buying CBD gifts for the Holidays

You can find gift giving guides for CBD products almost everywhere this time of year, and for a good reason. CBD may have a benefit to offer almost everyone on your holiday shopping checklist. However, before you start marking off that checklist, take a look through this one first. Here we have what you need to know before buying CBD gifts for the holidays. 


The Quality of the Product Matters


Before you buy, make sure that this is a product company you can trust. One way to do that is look for the Realm of Caring official seal of approval. These are companies who have passed our in depth, quality control standards test. If you are looking at a company that is not on that list, you will want to vet them to make sure you are gifting a product of quality. Something to look for in this process, is making sure that they offer a third party lab test in the form of a certificate of analysis. This will tell you in more detail the cannabinoid profile as well as give you confirmation that the product has been tested and cleared for neurotoxins.  


Consider the recipient 


Taking into consideration who you are buying for will help when it comes to deciding on the form of the CBD product and the cannabinoid profile of the product. Ask yourself: what would this person use? Sometimes this has to do with what benefit you are trying to help them seek but it also has to do with what that person will be comfortable using. If the recipient is new to CBD, they may initially be apprehensive to try something they will take orally. Easing into the benefits of CBD with a topical may be better suited. 


As well, thinking about the cannabinoid profile is important. A full-spectrum hemp product will contain trace amounts of THC. While taking low amounts in oral forms will not result in a head high, it is not for everyone; especially if their profession disallows it. 


Check for economical sustainability


Chances are, you are looking to purchase CBD for a loved one because you believe they will benefit. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the cost of the product you are buying. If this is something that they truly find benefit with and want to continue to use long term, you want to be sure it is affordable to them. It may help to compare products by breaking them down to cost per milligram of CBD. 


Refund policy


We have all likely returned or exchanged a gift at least once in our lives. You wanting to purchase a CBD product for a loved one is indeed very thoughtful. However, it may be good to let the recipient know that if they wanted a different product than what they received, they will have the opportunity to exchange or return it. If a company truly stands by their product, then they should offer this benefit to you. 


Know you have a resource to turn to


Along the way, whether you are looking for advice on what to buy or wanting to offer guidance to the person receiving your gift, we are here to help! Our care specialists can help that person in your life make sure they are getting the most out of beginning their CBD therapy. From how much to take to data-driven discussions; our services are always free, we are simply here to help. 


If you have any questions about this topic, a Realm of Caring Care Specialist is here to help. Call us at 719-347-5400 option 1, email us at, or visit our website and sign up for a free client account at



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