How CBD Helped Us with Stroke, Arthritis & Dementia

This content is from our friends at Stratos.

According to the CDC, approximately 54 million people in the U.S. have arthritis. The National Institute on Aging states that 5.7 million people in the U.S. live with dementia. And the CDC also calculates that 795,000 people per year experience a stroke.

These are all major medical issues, and while the importance of traditional medicine cannot be understated, there are also alternative ways to manage the ailments associated with each illness while supporting the traditional approach. Two women share details of how CBD (and even a little THC) has helped with tremors, pain, memory, and more.

Stratos has helped me with tremors from my hemorrhagic stroke and pain from osteoarthritis. I had a massive hemorrhagic stroke in August of 2016, then tried the Stratos CBD 12 mg in December of 2016 on the recommendation of my granddaughter who is a nurse. 

The relief from my tremors was almost instant and has helped me walk and do intensive PT without fear of falling from the tremors on my left side. As a side benefit, it has helped my pain from arthritis in my hands, which further helps me enjoy doing things like playing cards, and helps me continue to be independent by doing my own hair and putting makeup on. 

I do take the Stratos CBD 25 mg pills now as I was having to take two doses of the 12 mg when I was doing PT or going out with friends or family. I just had my 78th birthday and am enjoying life in spite of my limitations.

Four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with early-onset dementia. As is common with the disease, she has progressively gotten worse. On May 10th, 2019 after numerous falls, we took her to the doctor (P.A.). At this appointment, we had to use a wheelchair to get her into the examining room and cognitively she was slow and her speech was so bad she was pretty much incoherent. The P.A. informed me and my father that we were getting close to having to make a tough decision. 

In desperation, on May 15, when I was called out yet again because she had fallen, I started my mother on Stratos 15:1, which includes 5mg CBD and 0.33mg THC per tablet. On the afternoon (lunchtime) of May 15th my mother took her first pill of Stratos 15:1 and has since been taking one pill per day with lunch.

I will be honest with you that I really did not have any expectations that cannabis would help my mother. My goal was to make her more comfortable and hopefully, less depressed and angry. 

What has happened is a miracle and one that I want to share. Stratos not only helped to stabilize my mother, but it seems to be reversing the damage to her brain caused by dementia. I am keeping a detailed journal of her progress:

May 15 – Approximately two hours after the first dose, she is calm and seems happier. Sitting in the sunroom with my father. 

May 16 – Speech is more confident and loud. She corrected her own word-finding errors.  

May 17 – Talking is more clear and confident. No apparent word-finding issues. 

May 18 – Another good day, very clear speech, no lucid dreams or hallucinations upon waking. Again self-corrected her word-finding errors. 

May 19 – She informs me that something has changed, but she is not sure what. She says about two days ago she felt like she woke up and that she was an adult. She says she feels like herself again. No more shaking of her hands. Clear eyes, sitting upright, self-aware.

These are but a few examples of how she is doing. We are so amazed at her improvement it is scary. She has started recalling stories that she had forgotten and can now do activities such as embroidery that she could no longer do because she could not remember how to do it. She even looks younger and no longer has a vacant look in her eyes. 
I, myself, take Stratos 15:1 as prevention for dementia.