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Chronic pain has wreaked havoc on Sheila’s life

I have only recently been able to begin experimenting with the CBD tincture but my initial results are incredibly encouraging!  Even if the only benefit derived is an increase in my ability to achieve sleep for longer than an hour or two at a time (which has been the norm for nearly 2 decades, constant […]

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Liam’s Story

Since I began taking CBD oil, my complex partial seizures have been REDUCED to about half as often. I used to have them about twice a week but only about once a week since CBD. It has also reduced my auras a lot. I used to have auras almost every day but now it’s down […]

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We believe CBD oil is the very best thing for her

Johanna experienced so much improvement when she first started CBD, we weaned her 100% off of her Keppra and she is only on CBD now. This lasted for 6 months and then she started to have seizures again, an unfortunate thing about her particular diagnosis, the seizures will likely be very persistent. We reluctantly started […]

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He is a bit more focused

Ruben’s most recent EEG exam has shown much improvement. We will continue to proceed with a longer EEG exam to get the most accurate results. Also, it seems to help his ADHD. He’s a bit more focused.  This has been such a blessing. At the moment I am unemployed to be a full-time caregiver to […]

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Chloe is now seizure free

Story provided by Chloe’s family Chloe has been taking cannabinoid therapy for three years and after an EEG to measure seizures, we were told Chloe is now seizure free! To put the icing on the cake, her neurologist admitted to us that she truly believes it was all the oil! She said she has never seen […]

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She is more active with more verbal communication

Story provided by Grace’s family Grace is doing so well since she has been on her CBD, I can’t even explain how appreciative we are. We have not seen any seizures, and her skin is looking so much better. She is more active with more verbal communication and seems to be getting her milestones caught […]

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Her Crohn’s disease and arthritis are in remission

Provided by Michelle’s family Michelle is our only child. She became sick at 15 months old following an encephalopathy that destroyed her health. Michelle is now 23. She’s been diagnosed with severe autism (non-verbal), intractable grand mal epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, spondyloarthritis, uveitis, legal blindness, osteoporosis, severe deformity bilateral (feet bones), stage III steatohepatitis (liver disease) […]

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Momma goat stopped breathing during a seizure after giving birth

Provided by RoC Care Specialist Cool story from Ruth Ann in Alabama! I spoke with Ruth Ann who lives in rural Alabama, and suffers from Fibromyalgia and uses CBD. She has a small family farm and they have miniature goats. One of the goats went into labor and it was a really tough, many-hours-long labor. […]

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She is calling me Mom regularly when she has never called me Mom before

Provided by Jennifer’s mom My 27-year-old daughter, Jennifer, has been taking CBD since July and she’s learning to talk. She’s playing with toys and is intact with her world. She follows directions. She can point with her finger. She is calling me Mom regularly when she has never called me Mom before. I’ve waited a […]

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After a few doses of CBD oil he was calm not stressed, and best of all the OCD and ticks ended.

Provided by an anonymous family I wanted to let you know something very important and wonderful that just happened. My son is 14 and has suffered from severe OCD since about age 7 and his life has been impaired and he suffered terribly. At age 7 he also had a severe breakdown triggered by an […]

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