Living with #Lyme disease

Since starting the hemp oil, I have had some days when I have been free of pain; not what has been usual for me since having Lyme.  This seems to last until the next change in barometric pressure – not long, this is the midwest, where we say “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, it’ll change.” I have also noticed that my ability to sleep is improving, and the timing of my hours of sleep is more normal than it has been since I’ve been ill.

The financial assistance is allowing me to make a fair attempt at using cannabinoid therapy for Lyme disease, which I would not have been able to do without it.  The good results so far give me hope. I look forward to seeing what will happen after I have worked up to the full recommended dose.

Sharon’s story

Juliana’s tumor has shrunk 90%!!

Juliana’s tumor has shrunk 90%!! The grant helps with medically related expenses not covered by our health insurance, like gas to get to the hospital, parking at the hospital and supplements. Without the grant it would be extremely difficult to afford the CBD oil for Juliana. We very much appreciate Realm of Caring’s help.

Juliana’s story

Fibromyalgia pain is crippling

For years I have dealt with chronic pain, muscle spasms and nerve pain and my doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Along with severe fatigue, I had a hard time managing daily life activities and work.  Brain fog consumed me. I couldn’t concentrate or keep my train of thought. I lost the ability to carry meaningful conversations because I couldn’t grasp my words.  Eventually my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.  

I started taking cannabis oils and using vape pens a couple of years ago and have seen an incredible difference.  I use a combination of THC and CBD in addition to topical balms for the pain. 

After a few weeks I starting seeing changes and in a few months I could say confidently that I have my life back! 

Jessica’s story

My insulin requirements have been cut in half.

My insulin requirements since June have been cut in half.  In June my A1c was 7.0 and in October was 6.4. My type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, colitis, Crohn’s and adrenal gland cancer have gotten a little better.  Last week when I got the dosing high enough, I started sleeping a few hours a night.

Your grant for CBD gave me the chance to try a natural approach to lowering inflammation.   It is amazing that I just started sleeping again! Instead of laying on the bed most of the day, I am able to accomplish things.  Thank you!

Lynn’s story

CBD has improved my child’s life

Bradley is autistic. Health wise he is okay, as far as I know, he can’t tell me. Cannabinoid therapy has helped with his violent meltdowns, eye contact, and his concentration. It has not helped with his language, still non-verbal. I would say his meltdowns have improved by 90%.

This is my theory: autistic children have lots of inflammation. Inflammation causes pain and the pain caused his violent meltdowns. CBD reduces inflammation, which took his pain away. I kept taking Bradley to doctors saying it looks like he’s in pain and all these doctors just ignored me and wanted to put him on psych meds, which I never did. I’m so happy I found CBD, it has improved my child’s life.

CBD is expensive. I’m a single mother of a severely autistic child. I am a nurse but had to quit my job because I couldn’t find daycare for my child. Plus, trying to work full-time and take care of a disabled child all by yourself is extremely physically and mentally exhausting. I want the best for my child and it so hard to do that when you can’t work. I am so grateful for this grant.

Bradley has violent meltdowns and as he gets older he gets stronger. If I didn’t find CBD Bradley could have been seriously injured or dead from his meltdowns. I believe it has saved his life.

Bradley’s story

His mood seems to be better

The cannabinoid therapy has helped my son stay stagnant in regards to his seizure medication and only progress slightly in his gabapentin, that helps him with his leg pain. He is having shorter and less frequent seizures than when he started as well. His mood seems to be better. He doesn’t fuss as much as he used to, even after a seizure. Before, he would cry and scream and be agitated for an hour or two after a seizure. Now, it almost seems to not affect him once it’s over.

The biggest impact for me has been the ability to tell Canaan’s doctors that I want to try this “alternative” medication instead of going up on his seizure medication every time we go for a check-up. Also, he hasn’t had an increase in the medication he takes for leg pain since he’s been taking CBD oil. He’s calmer, more content, if you ask me. And that’s everything!! One of my biggest fears of having a child who is non-verbal was him being in pain and me not know it and/or not know what was hurting and how to help.

Canaan’s story

Improved Health Outcomes!

Celeste’s autism symptoms and seizures have improved greatly since starting Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and she has been taken off one of her traditional medications since being on the oil.

If we didn’t receive the grant we wouldn’t be able to afford Charlotte’s Web for Celeste. We would be stuck with the traditional medications that were no longer working. I like Charlotte’s Web because it has no negative side effects.

My kids feel that it is really cool that y’all help us so they don’t have to go without some of the extras that the grant has allowed us to have. I am just grateful that people like you exist and are so generous.

Celeste’s story

Chronic pain has wreaked havoc on Sheila’s life

I have only recently been able to begin experimenting with the CBD tincture but my initial results are incredibly encouraging!  Even if the only benefit derived is an increase in my ability to achieve sleep for longer than an hour or two at a time (which has been the norm for nearly 2 decades, constant waking and poor sleep) it would be more than worthwhile!  However, I am still hopeful and expectant that it may have other benefits, especially in relation to calming my overactive neurological system, with muscle spasm and constrictor. I expect part of the reason for the intensity of my pain is a constant state of muscle tension, caused by both chemical aspects of the disease and my unstable musculature and body alignment. It causes me to spend probably 3 of every 4 weeks bedbound in a state of torture, gripped by pain and unable to move or do anything.  Nothing has been able to touch it and muscle relaxers only make me sick and loopy but don’t ease the muscle tightness, certainly not enough to outweigh the negative side effects.

This treatment is my only hope for relief in this area, and so far it seems it will help. My concern is how much I’ll have to continually increase the dosage in order to outpace the adaptation to it. The dispensary told me that will be a factor. I have been tested genetically to have resistance to opioid medications, which partially explains why even with large doses of Oxycontin, etc, I have very limited relief. Hopefully, the tincture will be a way to get around the lack of efficacy of opioids, and also help me avoid their terrible side effects, including constant opioid-induced constipation and many other problems.  This would be a more natural, less harmful solution; the only inhibitor is cost, which is why this aid is so important and appreciated!

This financial aid of $150 per month has been the difference between being locked into the old methods of treatment that have been ineffective or under effective and trying new solutions.  It allows me to purchase CBD tincture to explore other ways to alleviate symptoms that cause such tremendous pain and disability. I am only able to get out of bed a couple of days per week around the house, and if I’m lucky, to get out of the house for errands approximately one day a week for 2 or 3 hours.  This is not enough window to accomplish even the basic tasks to sustain life, even one as sedentary as mine. I am always behind, always struggling and letting things fall between the cracks. It’s stressful and devastating. If the tincture can give me even hours of function, it’s well worth it. Anything more is gravy!!

When you have as little functional time available to you as I do, and have for 2 decades now, it takes a huge toll on yourself but also, and more so, family members.   My beautiful daughter, Allegra, was only four years old when I was injured and has gone through so much with having a mother who was around but not really around and able to do things. She had become my caretaker, and that’s a role she cannot handle any longer, it’s taken a terrible and devastating toll on her.   She is the second victim of my injuries and subsequent illness. My mother, 85 years of age, having lived through bombings in England during WWII, even having her school bombed into oblivion at age 10, has been more affected by my prolonged, extreme state of illness than anything in her long, not always easy life! It means everything to us, and others, friends and community, who are affected, inconvenienced, saddened by my suffering.  It takes a village to raise a child, but also to care for a sick person. The more that burden can be reduced the better for everyone!

Sheila’s story

She is usually sick all winter long

This winter my daughter has not gotten sick with the flu, cold, or illness.  In other years she was sick all winter long. This is absolutely amazing and I believe it is because of the CBD.  My daughter’s seizures have decreased but the wean off of the pharmaceutical medications has been very difficult.

This RoC grant has made a huge impact on our family.  We are seeing so many better days with my daughter than we have ever seen.  Her brother and sister, who are several years younger, have also noticed that she is talking more clearly and they are able to understand her.

Maricella’s story

Liam’s Story

Since I began taking CBD oil, my complex partial seizures have been REDUCED to about half as often. I used to have them about twice a week but only about once a week since CBD. It has also reduced my auras a lot. I used to have auras almost every day but now it’s down to about twice a week thanks to the CBD oil.

The grant helped me save enough money to see a chiropractor for my back pain, pay the housing bills, and feed my hungry body. I have the grant helping me afford some of the other neurologist prescribed medicine that I take with my CBD oil.

When I first decided to take CBD oil, I started out with Charlotte’s Web  “least powerful but more affordable” dosage. Unfortunately, nothing was getting better until I went all the way up to their most powerful but highest price dosage. I chose to keep paying the high price so things would be better for my health but financially got worse. Thanks to the grant, I have been able to stay healthy while overcoming my financial challenge.

Liam’s story