Lisa Lopez

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Why do you work for the Realm of Caring?
In short – there is no other place like it. RoC aligns with my heart’s purpose and supports my personal/spiritual development. It is an honor and rare privilege to provide options to those suffering from life-limiting conditions and collaborating with a team of talented, intelligent, heart-centered individuals.
What are you passionate about?
So many things! Life and people, and the celebration of both in their complex, fascinating and at times absurd perplexities. They keep me in a perpetual cycle of visceral introspection stacked on the pillars of humbleness and growth. It’s hard. And… it’s great. The most honest of dichotomies.
Hobbies/out of work activities:
I am a relentless gardener, a motivated thrifter, a passionate salsa dancer, a heart-centric writer, a thoughtful listener, a “good” food appreciator and creator, a promoter of healthy living, an ardent purveyor of light and good vibes.
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