Jessica Hogan

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Why do you work for the Realm of Caring?

This is my ultimate dream job. Educating the public about cannabis therapy on a worldwide scale is what I’m supposed to be doing on this Earth. Allowing myself to be creative while helping others is the #bestjobever!

What are you passionate about?

Health, education, and cannabis. I truly believe that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves as long as we are given the right tools. I’m so passionate about this that I started my own health and wellness company, Vibrant Health Clinic over 9 years ago. Offering holistic health practices and employing physicians who are knowledgeable in cannabis medicine, giving people the tools to achieve vibrant health.

Hobbies/outside of work activities:

I enjoy anything outdoors. I’m a mountain woman and live in the middle of the woods, quiet and secluded with hiking trails all around. I also enjoy yoga and meditation and exercises to stay grounded and rise above all the human “junk”. Hammock time is my favorite time, spending time with my fur babies, and traveling to new places.

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