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United States patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

Journal: United States Patent Application Publication
Publication Year: 2001
Authors: Aidan J. Hampson; Julius Axelrod; Maurizio Grimaldi


Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant
properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This
neW found property makes Cannabinoids useful in the treat
ment and prophylaxis of Wide variety of oxidation associ
ated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, in?ammatory
and autoimmune diseases. The Cannabinoids are found to
have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example
in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults,
such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurode
generative diseases, such as AlZheimer’s disease, Parkin
son’s disease and HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive
Cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are particularly advan
tageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encoun
tered With psychoactive Cannabinoids at high doses useful in
the method of the present invention. A particular disclosed
class of Cannabinoids useful as neuroprotective antioxidants
is formula (I) Wherein the R group is independently selected
from the group consisting of H, CH3, and COCH3.

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