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Alternative to antidepressants


The therapy has helped me in many ways such as constipation relief from rare illness (SMAS) and a better sense of well being. My current prognosis is I will not get better as I have dealt with this rare illness since 11/2010 and struggle daily with severe fatigue, abdominal , constipation, lack of normal digestion, etc. Plus cancer, aneurysm, and damaged spinal cord T6. I stopped using the oil and I got back on it as it helps with many things such as increased energy, sense of well-being, and helps a little with severe chronic .

This treatment gives me a better mood without taking . I notice a huge difference when I take it daily and when I stop for a week so I can tell the difference. It does help once I load in my system (endocannabinoid) and I have also tried taking more such as 1 mL three times a day but it affected my liver so I dropped back down to .5 mL twice a day.

Zane’s Story

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