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His mood seems to be better


The cannabinoid therapy has helped my son stay stagnant in regards to his seizure medication and only progress slightly in his gabapentin, that helps him with his leg pain. He is having shorter and less frequent seizures than when he started as well. His seems to be better. He doesn’t fuss as much as he used to, even after a seizure. Before, he would cry and scream and be agitated for an hour or two after a seizure. Now, it almost seems to not affect him once it’s over.

The biggest impact for me has been the ability to tell Canaan’s doctors that I want to try this “alternative” medication instead of going up on his seizure medication every time we go for a check-up. Also, he hasn’t had an increase in the medication he takes for leg pain since he’s been taking CBD oil. He’s calmer, more content, if you ask me. And that’s everything!! One of my biggest fears of having a child who is non-verbal was him being in pain and me not know it and/or not know what was hurting and how to help.

Canaan’s story

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