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Client Spotlight: Helen

I have been having muscle spasms severely since I was about 15 years old. I’m now 45 so that is a long time. Most days it feels like all my muscles are going to rip off my body at any moment. I ruptured a disc in my thoracic spine in my mid 30’s. T7, T8. […]

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Client Spotlight: Robin

At the age of 57 I have lived with intractable complex partial seizures for 44 years. Neurologists have had me try most of the anticonvulsants that are made and I still take three of them. When I became persistent to my epileptologist about trying CBD he finally gave me the name ‘Realm of Caring’ to […]

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Client Spotlight: Jessie

I was a hospice nurse when a work accident suddenly ended my career and altered my life drastically. It left me disabled with a spinal injury, limited mobility, and constant excruciating pain. It seems so silly now, but I was so scared to try cannabinoid therapy. Even though I was taking opiates and benzodiazepines around […]

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Client Spotlight: Taylor

Submitted by his mom, Stacey, This young man has lived his entire life plagued by epilepsy since he was born and will continue to do so for the rest of his life. But this is not just any epilepsy, It’s UNCONTROLLED EPILEPSY, among other medical issues. Being born one month premature set the stage for […]

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Client Spotlight: Stacey

I started having episodes, as they were called back then (now known as seizures), back when I was in elementary school. I’m now 40 years old and still have epilepsy. It’s a constant fight and stalker in my life, but CBD oil has given me some hope. It works far better than any of my […]

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Client Spotlight: Eli

Our son, Eli, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 5. He is currently 15 years old. He has had fine motor and developmental delays since he was born. He never had complete seizure control. When he approached adolescence, his seizures increased dramatically to at least one per week. We had difficulty controlling his seizures and […]

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Client Spotlight: Richard

I am undiagnosed. I have been fighting epilepsy, apparently, my whole life. I believe I have Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which makes my story… interesting. I have had identified, undiagnosed “episodes” for 21 years. The impact these episodes have had on my life is only now beginning to be understood, even be myself. Just over a month […]

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Client Spotlight: Devin

To many, this is just a kid on a bike. Simple, right? I can remember a boy who used to be terrified to leave the house, who couldn’t go to the bathroom by himself, had fits of rage and had so many seizures every day that he couldn’t finish a sentence. I can remember the […]

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Client Spotlight: Wesley

“My son who is nine with Autism has been taking your oil for three weeks now. The results have been amazing. Thank you for giving us back our life. Especially HIS.” -Debra and Wesley [youtube]

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Client Spotlight: May

She was diagnosed with Generalized Idiopathic Epilepsy at the young age of 4. When we first started Charlotte’s Web, she was having approximately 6 episodes a day of varying seizures. She was not responding to various pharmaceuticals with full control; they all affected her personality, as well as the seizures, turned her into a different […]

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