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#RaisetheRealm 6 Days Left to $70K



Looking at Chloe Levine, you wouldn’t know anything was “wrong” with her.  She laughs, smiles, and plays with her older sister, Shayla, doing anything a normal pre-teen would do.  Chloe had suffered a stroke in utero, probably early in pregnancy, and this resulted in hemiplegic .  For the first 2 years of her life, she was not able to use the right side of her body until she had a stem cell transfusion with her own cord blood.

Chloe also has seizures, and she uses cannabinoid therapies to help keep them under control. She has tried both Lamictal and Keppra, which her mom says almost killed her.  Chloe would sit in the corner and scream for hours on end.

They decided to try oil because traditional pharmaceuticals were wasting her precious time and using something more natural seemed appealing.  Chloe’s family had heard many incredible stories of how THCA (the acid form of ) oil could help children like her. Chloe’s neurologist calls her a miracle patient. She went from a sleep-deprived walking zombie, because her seizures kept her up all night, to a B student who once again has the will to tackle the world.

Chloe is now 11 and Shayla is 14. #raisetherealm #siblinglove

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