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#RaisetheRealm 3 Days Left to $70K




Addy was born with a significant brain malformation, causing seizures which are very difficult to control. When she was 5 months old, her seizures began and her epileptologist prescribed high doses of 3 different traditional antiepileptic medications.  During that time she was basically tranquilized, slept 22 out of 24 hours each day, suffered significant developmental regression, and stopped interacting with the world around her, including her loved ones.

Addy’s family carried her lifeless body around for months and were provided with palliative care counseling for families with a terminally ill child.

Addy’s family moved to Colorado from Maine on Mother’s Day 2014 to try safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Within five minutes of Addy’s first dose of CBD oil, she smiled.  Her parents knew without a doubt this treatment option would make a positive difference in her life. Over the next year, Addy was able to lower the dosage of pharmaceuticals and stop one medication altogether.

Today she laughs and smiles, hugs her family, eats food by mouth instead of a G-tube, and she feeds herself! She communicates with an augmentative device and now attends preschool.

Addy is 5 and her older brother Colin is 9  

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